Corpse Husband is planning to release "Agoraphobic" on Spotify, and fans can't keep calm

Image via Corpse Husband/ YouTube
Image via Corpse Husband/ YouTube
Saahil Agnelo Periwal

After the immense success of the record "E-Girls Are Ruining My Life," Corpse Husband is now planning to release his latest "Agoraphobic" on Spotify.

The 23-year-old YouTuber and musician has enjoyed a thunderous start to his music career, with his tracks well-received among fans. He recently announced that his breakout song "E-Girls" is nearing a whopping 100 million streams on Spotify.

In light of this monumental achievement, Corpse Husband is set to release his other popular track called "Agoraphobic" to Spotify:

"everything's f***ed," was his justification for the decision.

In light of his recent announcement, fans on Twitter brimmed with excitement as they promised to speed run his song to 100 million streams.

Corpse Husband's "Agoraphobic" is coming to Spotify.


Agoraphobia is an anxiety disorder often used to describe a fear of places and situations that might trigger panic or helplessness.

Corpse Husband discusses his experience with this phobia through a thought-provoking track. The words paint a picture of the mysterious YouTuber's life.

"Agoraphobic" is perhaps one of Corpse Husband's more personal songs in which he explains his paranoia regarding his privacy and also reveals how "illness and welfare" robbed him of his adolescence. This song provides listeners with an intimate glimpse into his life.

Praised for its lyrics and deep sentiment, the song struck an emotional chord with his fans, who were recently overjoyed about hearing of its potential availability on Spotify:

While most of the responses were tinged with a jubilant tone, others expressed concern over the seemingly nonchalant manner in which Corpse Husband announced the news:

The tweet above references his recent spate of health issues, which have been worsening of late.

Corpse Husband left fans worried with a heartbreaking tweet in which he revealed that he would have to rely on injections to deal with pain perineally.

While the possible arrival of "Agoraphobic" on Spotify calls for celebration, fans will be hoping that his ailment shows signs of recovery in the future.

Fans hoped for the song to be released under better circumstances since it bears so much meaning for Corpse Husband.

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