Corpse Husband speaks about a face reveal, hints at what he possibly looks like

Will a Corpse Husband face reveal take place some day?
Will a Corpse Husband face reveal take place some day?
Saahil Agnelo Periwal

Internet sensation Corpse Husband recently opened up about a potential face reveal, which he believes is inevitable and bound to happen some day.

The 23-year old faceless YouTuber recently took part in a memorable Minecraft stream alongside popular K-Pop stars Jae6 and Mark Tuan.

At one particular juncture, he was asked about sharing his thoughts on a potential face reveal and whether he ever does intend to do so willingly or not.

Corpse Husband shares his thoughts on a possible face reveal


Corpse Husband is indubitably one of the most popular online personalities in the world today.

He has amassed a loyal legion of fans over a short span of time, who are often known to take over social media with numerous Corpse Husband-themed trends, which range from the hilarious to the bizarre.

One of his biggest USPs is his mysterious persona and faceless identity, which has piqued the interest of his million-strong fandom.

As a result, the demands for a Corpse Husband face reveal continue to increase, which he rightly describes as inevitable.

Speaking more about his apprehensions in revealing his face, Corpse Husband proceeded to share his honest opinion on a face reveal, after being quizzed by Mark Tuan and Jae6 in a snippet from their recent stream:

"With how the internet is, it'll probably like inevitably happen against my will but am I like planning to do it? No. I mean, when you have millions of people like 'I think he looks like this or like this ', you look dramatically different from all of them . It's like you're going to let down a lot of people all at once and I'd rather not do that."

On being asked if his profile picture closely resembles him in real life, Corpse Husband provided a rather interesting answer, as he hinted at what he looks like by casually replying:

"Yeah, sometimes too close!"

From his recent statement, it appears that his profile picture seems to be a perfectly apt representation of what he possibly looks like in real life.

As the demands for a face reveal continue to increase with each passing day, a Corpse Husband face reveal seems to loom large on the horizon, although fans will certainly be hoping that he doesn't succumb to the pressure of expectations anytime soon.

From initially starting out as a horror narrator to dominating the YouTube charts with his Among Us streams, the faceless phenomenon has witnessed a meteoric rise over the past few months.

Despite being encumbered by various health issues throughout his life, Corpse Husband has persevered to emerge as one of the biggest stars on the internet today, who seldom fails to enchant fans with his wholesome persona and magnetic aura.

Edited by Gautham Balaji


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