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Corpse Husband takes on Jschlatt and TommyInnit in the race to feature on a Times Square billboard

Image via Jschlatt & Corpse Husband
Image via Jschlatt & Corpse Husband
Modified 13 Feb 2021

Corpse Husband and Jschlatt are competing to have their tweets on a billboard, but Corpse is winning.

Gymshark is holding a competition where the winner will have their tweet on a billboard in Times Square. The tweet with the most user interaction will win the spot. This has caused a lot of competition among the Tweet's comments.

Jschlatt and Corpse Husband are both trying to win. Corpse Husband has used the opportunity to ask the people of Times Square to stream his song "E-girls are ruining my life." Jschlatt went to Discord to call on friends to interact with his "I like men" tweet.

TommyInnit is trying to help his friend Jschlatt win by replying to Jschlatt's tweet. Tommy's help isn't out of kindness. Instead, he made sure that Jschlatt knows this is only for a mention on his stream. Tommy has not been able to gain more attention from his fellow Minecraft streamers as even the Dream Team has sided against Jschlatt.


Corpse Husband solely relies on his likability. Corpse is known to be friendly to everyone, unlike Tommy and Jschlatt, and so, he has a lot more friends and interactive fans. His popular streamer friends have responded to his tweet to boost its visibility.


This small feud has caused some harsh words to be exchanged between Corpse and Jschlatt. Jschlatt deleted a thread where he insulted Corpse and was blunt about his annoyance. He also mentioned this annoyance to Corpse in a Tweet to Tommy.


Based on how much more interaction Corpse's tweet has received, Jschlatt may just be expressing bad sportsmanship.

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Jschlatt most likely lost due to fan love for Corpse Husband

JSchlatt only thinks he will win because he has a silly tweet. The internet loves putting nonsensical phrases and words on anything they can, like Dogecoin. What is seen now, however, is that it's not enough to win a competition like this.


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Published 13 Feb 2021, 00:02 IST
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