Cologne used by Corpse Husband sells out minutes after being mentioned on live stream

Corpse Husband revealed that his cologne was sold out
Corpse Husband revealed that his cologne was sold out

Corpse Husband recently revealed he has to find a new cologne for himself after his old one sold out online, thanks to a frenzy of fans.

The YouTuber spoke about his cologne in a recent Instagram story, where he labelled the hype surrounding a simple mention of it as "absolutely preposterous":

According to a majority of sources online, the cologne that Corpse Husband wears is PI Neo by Givenchy for Men, which is currently out of stock on major sites such as Amazon.

Soon after news of his cologne selling out went viral, Twitter was abuzz, with fans eagerly looking forward to getting hold of a coveted bottle of the internet sensation's cologne.

Cologne used by Corpse Husband sells out online


In the above video, Corpse Husband’s recent Instagram story is clipped, where he provides an update on his cologne selling out:

"Would you like to hear something absolutely preposterous? I f*****g mentioned what cologne I wear during a live stream and now it’s sold out everywhere! I have to find a new cologne!"


In another clip, during his recent Among Us live stream, he responded to a fan and shared his thoughts on what he feels about his cologne selling out:

"I mentioned what cologne I wear during a livestream like this and I f*****g went to buy some later and you guys f*****g bought out my cologne that I wear. I have to legit find new cologne to wear, just because I mentioned it; f*****g broken."

Considering this recent development, Twitter saw quite a few reactions, as fans hilariously reacted to the 23-year-old's cologne selling out:

Just a few weeks earlier, his merchandise sold out within 10 minutes of being launched, which goes to show the kind of popularity that Corpse Husband possesses.

He is one of the most popular YouTubers today, whose mysterious persona, deep, distinct voice and trademark music never fail to win over the internet.

He is also known to command an army of fans, who continue to fawn over every aspect of his life, be it a single strand of hair, or most recently, a bottle of cologne.

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