Could Final Fantasy XVI be featured at the upcoming PlayStation State of Play (June 2022)?

Are you excited for the upcoming Sony event? (Images via Square Enix/Sony)
Are you excited for the upcoming Sony event? (Images via Square Enix/Sony)

A brand new State of Play from Sony will be dropping next month, and fans couldn't be more excited. The Japanese publisher has revealed that the upcoming livestream will be dedicated to third-party and PS VR2 games. While it is certainly disappointing that the publisher still doesn't want to talk about more first-party content, there is still good news.

With 2022 set to feature several interesting AAA third-party releases, not all hope is lost for the PlayStation 5. One of the many major titles coming in the near future is Final Fantasy XVI from Japanese developer Square Enix. The much-anticipated action RPG is the latest in the studio's renowned JRPG franchise. So can we see it at the upcoming State of Play?

June 2022's State of Play might turn out promising for Final Fantasy XVI

For one, the series is synonymous with PlayStation consoles and has, in fact, been announced for PS5 (alongside PC). As such, it would not be unreasonable to expect to see it at the event. So far, we have only seen an early reveal trailer.

Through that, the publisher relayed story snippets and also provided some in-engine gameplay footage for fans. In a nutshell, Final Fantasy XVI is set in Valisthea, where towering structures known as Mothercrystals surround the six realms and bless them with aether. However, peace does not last long with the arrival of the Blight.

Then there's creatures called Eikons (essentially Summons, powerful creatures that aid characters in Final Fantasy lore) that are hidden with humans called Dominants. This game's tale aims to highlight these Eikons and their relationship with the trio cast of Joshua, Clive, and Jill. The combat seems to have taken a fast-paced, DMC-like style, and it appears to suit the game.

With all that being said, the upcoming State of Play showcase is a great opportunity for the studio to share more details with fans. Elements like traversal, the party system, combat elements, and so on are just a few of the possible reveals.

What is the state of Final Fantasy XVI right now?

As of now, there is no release window confirmed by Square Enix for Final Fantasy XVI since it is still in development. However, according to a recent rumor, it might see a 2022 release. Apparently, Square Enix aims to delay Forspoken, their new open world action RPG. Instead, Final Fantasy XVI might take its place if the team manages to finish development on it by the end of the year.

Whether this rumor is true or not, the next State of Play should confirm it. Final Fantasy XVI might make an appearance and provide a release date. In such a case, it would also confirm the aforementioned rumor - at least partially so. Assuming the game development comes along fine and does not get rushed like Final Fantasy XV, fans should be in for a treat. After all, it looks to be a pretty grim setting for a Final Fantasy game, with some serious cinematics.

What are your predictions for the upcoming State of Play event? Do you think this game will pop up, or will it be something else?