Cricket 19 Review: The best cricket game ever made?

Cricket 19 is one the same level as BLC 2007 and Cricket 97
Cricket 19 is one the same level as BLC 2007 and Cricket 97

Big Ant Studios is back with their latest cricket game, Cricket 19. It follows up their last release in the cricket genre- 2017's Ashes Cricket. Despite dropping Ashes Cricket from the name, Cricket 19's main attraction is still the Ashes mode with the Australian and England cricket teams being the only licensed ones in the game, which will come as a huge disappointment to fans in India.

The gameplay of Cricket 19 is just about perfect and the biggest improvement has to be the AI. Despite a few bugs here and there, it's still the gratifying cricket experience fans want. As for the game modes, apart from the Ashes mode, we have the career mode and the scenario mode.

One problem I did have with Cricket 19 was the loading times. At times it took around a minute to load into the game. Hopefully, this can be fixed in future patches. Despite a couple of flaws, Cricket 19 is easily the best cricket experience available on current generation platforms. Along with Brian Lara Cricket 2007 and Cricket 97, will go down as one of the seminal releases in the cricket video game genre.

One of the best parts of Cricket 19 is the return of all the customization from Ashes Cricket. We can still share and download custom teams which will definitely help fans fill the unlicensed teams with fan-made content.

The licensed stadiums and teams in Cricket 19 are well done but overall, they aren't a big improvement from Ashes Cricket. Despite looking last-gen at times, it doesn't really hurt the overall experience. The presentation looks top notch as always, offering players a variety of camera angle options.

Overall, Cricket 19 is a lot of fun. It's easy to pick up and get good at quickly although mastering it at the highest difficulty will take longer. Big Ant Studios are nailing it with their cricket games and we can't wait to see what the next generation will bring. Pick this one up if you're itching to return to the pitch.


There are no microtransactions in Cricket 19.

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