Daithi De Nogla purposely bends a Pokemon pack with a Charizard inside

Image Via Daithi De Nogla
Image Via Daithi De Nogla
Daniel Wenerowicz

David Nagle, better known as Daithi De Nogla, purposely bent an unopened pack of Pokemon cards while he streamed a live unboxing of Shining Fates cards. When he opened the pack, there was almost instant regret over the pack he chose.

After receiving a $50 donation to bend a pack of cards without looking inside first, Daithi De Nogla decided he would go through with the request. At the end of the day, farming content is what streamers do, and that was a perfect chance. Daithi De Nogla let Tyler "I AM WILDCAT" Wine choose the pack that would be bent as he shuffled them on camera.

Wildcat chose the pack in the middle of the three that Daithi De Nogla was shuffling, which was the Corviknight pack. Once the pack was chosen, Daithi De Nogla wasted no time bending the pack of cards. He essentially creased and twisted the packs every single way that he could to really sell the point.

When De Nogla was done bending and twisting the cards, it was time to open them up. Everything was normal until he let the cards slip a bit and he saw what was peeking out. At that point, Daithi De Nogla shuffled to the holo card in the back of the deck and found a Charizard which was enough to cause some instant regret.

The Charizard was a VMAX, but more importantly, it was a shiny. There weren't as many words as there were some yells of regret, but Daithi De Nogla did say "Why did you pick this?" to Wildcat over and over.

At the end of the clip from the pack bending, Daithi De Nogla's significant other could be heard saying, "What did I tell you. You've been getting strange for too much change," and apparently she isn't wrong.

Pokemon cards are as popular as ever due to similar unboxing videos such as Daithi De Nogla's

Pokemon cards are at such a high demand these days that the Pokemon Company even had to ramp up production of their cards in order to meet the demand. Cards are flying off of shelves and scalpers end up driving the prices even more.

Popularity has never been a problem with Pokemon, but the unboxings really took off in the final quarter of last year when Logan Paul did an entire unboxing video with cards from the 90's. Since then, unboxing videos have been churned out at a constant rate for tons of views.

Even McDonald's, with their Pokemon promotion, was having trouble meeting all the demand. That was mainly due to scalpers yet again, but the prices for initial cards online were over $500 for one complete stack.

In time, the popularity will probably go down and the availability will come back to normal, but that won't happen soon with all of the upcoming events.

Edited by Nikhil Vinod
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