Day of the Devs 2024 reveals Cairn, an intense new "survival climber" title

Cairn Day of the Devs
The Day of the Devs presentation revealed some amazing games, including Survival Climber Cairn (Image via The Game Bakers)

During Day of the Devs 2024, The Game Bakers revealed Cairn as the third game in their “trilogy on freedom.” Known for developing Furi and Haven, the team is bringing to life the stress and challenge of climbing up to a summit never before reached. While the title does not have a release date yet, its trailer shows off some incredible footage of Aava, the protagonist, slowly ascending a deadly mountain.

Cairn looks gorgeous and looks like it will push players to their limits as Aava learns more about the mountain she’s ascending and what she’s willing to sacrifice to get to the top. It’s a unique game, and the World Premiere trailer shown at Summer Game Fest’s Day of the Devs 2024 was a memorable one.

What to know about Cairn, revealed during Day of the Devs 2024

The Game Bakers showed off an amazing, challenging "Climbing-Simulation" during Day of the Devs 2024 (Image via The Game Bakers)
The Game Bakers showed off an amazing, challenging "Climbing-Simulation" during Day of the Devs 2024 (Image via The Game Bakers)

Cairn was revealed this week at Day of the Devs 2024, an event created behind the minds at Double Fine and Iam8bit. The Game Bakers disclosed that the game falls under a genre they dubbed a “survival climber.” According to the developers, this new type of climbing simulation will feel naturally intuitive but also incredibly challenging.

The upcoming survival title will have players climbing up the side of a mountain that has never been submitted. They will be free to explore and climb at their leisure.

The climb will be incredibly challenging, and players will have to use their equipment wisely and know when to stop and rest to recover their strength. The game is almost like a roguelite, as each time you return to challenge, you can look at your previous routes and determine what the best one is ultimately going to be.

Try, and try again (Image via The Game Bakers)
Try, and try again (Image via The Game Bakers)

You will also have to manage your resources, as you try to forage for food or set up a bivouac while climbing up the incredibly daunting mountain. Thankfully, there will be spots in which you can set up your bivouac tents up as you go higher and higher.

Unfortunately, Cairn has no precise release date currently. The Game Bakers have stated that it will be out in 2025. The title promises to be a realistic climbing simulator, where every wall of the mountain is its own intense boss fight.

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