Dead by Daylight and while True: learn() up for free on Epic Games Store

Portrait of Murder is the new addition to the many Dead by Daylight DLCs (image via EpicGames, Twitter)
Portrait of Murder is the new addition to the many Dead by Daylight DLCs (image via EpicGames, Twitter)

The weekly free Epic Games vault has opened again and this time Dead by Daylight is being given away.

The weekly free games programme is Epic Game's modus operandi for keeping up with their competitors like Steam. In order to claim a copy of the weekly free games, all the claimant has to do is open a free Epic Games account and add these games from the Epic Games Store to their library.

Is the Epic Games Store copy of Dead by Daylight feature-complete?

This week's game happens to be one of the biggest titles of the survival horror genre in recent times. Dead by Daylight often seems to be just shy of going free-to-play, with frequent sales and free weekends on Steam, but now a free-to-own copy on Epic Games Store is available to all.

Dead by Daylight is a PvP game that pits multiple survivors against a killer. The basic objective of the survivors is to get the exit gates of the map powered up and open so they can escape. The goal of the killer is to impede their progress and dispose of all survivors.


The free Epic Games copy grants the player the base game with five survivors and killers each. Barring a few DLC-locked survivors and killers, the rest can be unlocked with good old fashioned grinding. The currency used to advance levels and purchase new survivors and killers is known as bloodpoints. Be warned that bonus codes to redeem large amounts of bloodpoints are reportedly not working on the free Epic Games Store copy.

Recommended PC Requirements for Dead by Daylight

  • Intel Core i3-4170 or AMD FX-8300
  • 8 GB RAM
  • 50 GB disk space
  • DX 11-compatible Geforce 760, AMD HD 8800, or higher

while True: learn (), a segue into coding logic through video games

The other, less highlighted freebie for this week is while True: learn(), a puzzle game which puts the player in a coder's shoes.

The premise is to build a cat-to-human speech recognition algorithm so that the coder can understand his talkative cat. In practice, this is a game that goes over the basics of neural networks and machine learning, making it a good edu-tainment session to delve into these things.