Deji's girlfriend Dunjahh under fire for making racially-charged remarks about Twitch streamer wesleythewisconsin

Dunjahh makes a racial remark against wesleythewisconsin (Images via Twitch/DuhFero)
Dunjahh makes a racial remark against wesleythewisconsin (Images via Twitch/DuhFero)

Earlier today, controversy and drama erupted over Twitch streamer DuhFero’s stream where Deji Olatunji’s girlfriend, Dunjahh, came under fire for making racially-charged remarks about a fellow Twitch streamer named wesleythewisconsin.

Wesleythewisconsin, also known as WesleyTW, had joined a group call hosted by DuhFero. Dunjahh had been on the call since the start of the stream, and together they had been interacting with different content creators.

After Wesley joined the call, she started to make remarks about him which kept increasing in rudeness, became racial and offensive as the stream moved forward.

Dunjahh makes a racially-charged remark on DuhFero’s stream, says it was a joke

After the stream carried on for fifty minutes, DuhFero was joined by Wesley. DuhFero is a duo of Daniel and Bridget who conduct Just Chatting streams with other content creators.

Dunjahh was fairly passive-aggressive towards WesleyTW throughout the interaction. After she asked him where he was from, she made some remarks about how “s**t” goes on in America. Seeing how she acted on the stream, Daniel tried to stop the call by saying “Can we stop this now,” but things got worse.

Daniel muted both the participants for a second. As soon as they got unmuted a few seconds later, Wesley was heard saying the following comment to her:

“Fat a** nose.”

Listening to this, she took offense and gave some racially-charged remarks against wesleywisconsin, saying:

“Fat a** nose?!”

The streamer gasped and said the following to Wesley:

“Fat a** nose? I mean you are Black. You’re Black. Literally you’re Black.”

As she finished making her comment, she grinned and laughed. As she continued to laugh, Daniel raised his voice and called for her to stop acting like that.

Bridget added to Daniel's frustration and went on to say:

"We gotta chill. Chat is getting way too toxic."

The streamer has been observed to act in such a hateful manner before as well. One user on Twitter, Wean (BeanMeme0) shared some prior examples of how she had some controversial takes.

Some of her earlier content where she made highly offensive remarks are:


Audience reacts to Dunjahh’s behaviour

Audiences on Reddit were shocked to witness such behavior exhibited by the streamer. Some of them were asking who the people in the clip are while some exclaimed as to how can someone say such a thing.

The person in question regarding the whole drama is Dunjahh. She is a 23-year-old Belgian YouTuber who is currently in a relationship with Deji Olatunji. She has 311k subscribers on YouTube and has a total of 31 million channel views.

Deji “ComedyShortsGamer" Olatunji is a 25-year-old British YouTuber and content creator. He is KSI’s younger brother and has a very-well-established YouTube channel with 10 million subscribers and 4 billion channel views.

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