What actually happened between Pokimane and JiDion?

What actually happened between Pokimane and JiDion? (Images via Twitter/Pokimane and JiDionPremium)
What actually happened between Pokimane and JiDion? (Images via Twitter/Pokimane and JiDionPremium)
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Twitch streamers Pokimane and JiDion have been making headlines over the past few weeks. What is the reasoning behind this huge row between the two streamers?

In this article, we take a look at the start of this drama and how it ended.

The inception

It all started back on January 12, 2021 when Pokimane had to stop streaming mid-way due to harassment via her Twitch chat. She was busy streaming Valorant and was queued up with her fellow streamers QuarterJade and Valkyrae when she noticed a flood of spam messages which said “L + RATIO”. This was Pokimane’s first stream since being unbanned from a DMCA-related ban on her account.

The source was Twitch streamer and YouTuber JiDion. The users who spammed her chat told Pokimane that it was he who had sent them to flood her Twitch chat.

She said:

"Do you guys see this? It's weird. Do you guys think that’s another streamer? Or just bots? That’s embarrassing. If you get banned I’m not going to be sad."

After this first altercation, Pokimane, dejected by the hateful spam towards her, decided to cut her stream short.

Twitch bans Jidionpremium

Following the hateful raid, it was revealed that the streamer who targeted Pokimane was JiDionpremium, a YouTuber and Twitch streamer who was partnered on the platform on January 11, 2021.

It’s bigger then black and white

He was first banned for 14 days, which later turned into a permanent ban following an appeal prior to his 14-day ban period. He also changed his Twitter profile picture to Pokimane's. His fans then swarmed and blamed Pokimane for his 14-day ban, which was later turned into a permanent ban.

Ban went from 14 days to a perma😔 please use the #twitchfreejidion for me boys❤️

Pokimane clarified the following day that she had nothing to do with JiDion’s ban and added that she was being targeted by JiDion and his fans because she was a woman. Streamers like Mizkif showed their support for Pokimane.

He commented:

“Sad how Pokimane still has to deal with misogyny and harassment in 2022. And it’s even more sad how I have to say this publicly because people are afraid to stand up and say she’s being treated poorly because they’ll be called a ‘simp.'”
Sad how Pokimane still has to deal with misogyny and harassment in 2022. And It's even more sad how I have to say this publicly because people are afraid to stand up and say she's being treated poorly because they'll be called a "simp"

Ninja joins the drama and threatens a lawsuit against Pokimane

Tyler “Ninja” Blevins, the famous Fortnite streamer, hopped on to the drama by offering his help to JiDion while he was banned from the live streaming platform. Ninja, while he was livestreaming, offered to help JiDion by getting his ban duration lessened.

This did not sit well with Pokimane. She went on to show clips of the famous Fortnite livestreamer on her stream. This was the catalyst for the drama.

Ninja’s wife Jessica Blevins messaged Pokimane while she was streaming. Jessica wrote to Pokimane that Ninja and Jessica planned on suing her on the basis of defamation of his character if Pokimane did not stop showing the clip of Ninja. Jessica Blevins claimed that Ninja never tried to reach out to JiDion and offer him help regarding his ban appeal:

"Let me tell you exactly why Ninja will no longer talk about this. One: He can't refute anything I said because I've only said things that are factual and that I have proof of. Two: Ninja probably noticed, 'Oh my god! (JiDion's) viewers are the same people that watch me play Fortnite. I can't upset them, I can't stand up against misogyny, that could kill my brand!'"
Pokimane calls out Ninja saying he will never address this situation cause he is scared of the repercussions of standing up to hate raiding and misogyny and it possibly killing his brandDear lordy

She also talked about this on her stream.

JiDion responds by apologizing to Pokimane

JiDion responded to Pokimane by uploading a video on his YouTube channel on January 18, 2022. JiDion had a discussion with former Twitch streamer and current YouTuber Ludwig about JiDion’s public image.

Ludwig clarified the reasoning behind JiDion being called a misogynist, which opened JiDion’s eyes. This is the basis on which JiDion made the video and uploaded it to his main channel. The video is titled “Dear Poki.”


Pokimane continues to receive hate messages

Pokimane’s tweet on January 20 provided insights into the number of hate messages she had received since the start of this drama. She provided a timeline of the events and screenshots of her Instagram feed showing hateful messages.

i’m tired of people minimizing the harassment i’ve received over the last week to “just L+ratio spam”so here's a list ⬇️

She then reiterated that she had viewed JiDion's apologetic video and was relieved that he had told his followers to stop harassing her, but that she needed to clarify that the messages she was receiving were not lighthearted.

i’m glad he apologized and told his viewers to chill. hope he does better in the future and that this’ll is the last time i have to talk about this 👍🏻

The feud slows down and comes to an end

After the successful reception of JiDion’s apology video, the drama slowed down significantly. Both parties responded to each other. JiDion mentioned that he was happy to see that Pokimane heard his apology and that he would do better. He ended the note by saying #dijonut, after which both parties decided to end the feud. JiDion went on to thank his fanbase for their support.

While the creators' conflict appears to have come to an end, the fans continue to be nasty towards one another. Because of its ties to the harassment of notable female streamers on the platform, the topic may continue to gain traction. JiDion's perma-ban has yet to have an influence on the streaming world.

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