Who is JiDion? Breaking down the Twitch streamer’s career as he gets involved in online war with Pokimane

 Currently, JiDion has 3.59 million subscribers on YouTube (Image Pokimane/Twitch and JiDion/YouTube)
Currently, JiDion has 3.59 million subscribers on YouTube (Image Pokimane/Twitch and JiDion/YouTube)
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YouTuber JiDion was recently banned on Twitch after he encouraged his viewers to harass Pokimane during his first livestream as a partnered streamer.

The “hate-raid” was instigated by JiDion because he was frustrated with the new Twitch meta where streamers watch random TV shows. The platform has confirmed that doing so can lead to action against the streamers, as evidenced by the bans handed to the likes of Hasan “HasanAbi” Piker, Jeremy “Disguised Toast” Wang and Pokimane herself.

The internet responded by supporting Pokimane and has accused JiDion of misogyny and harassment. With the latter having been permanently banned on Twitch, the following article attempts to trace his career thus far.

Tracing YouTuber JiDion’s career so far after his controversy with Pokimane finally comes to an end

Start of his career on YouTube

Settled in Houston, Texas, JiDion started his YouTube career back in July 2018. The YouTuber began uploading videos on his channel in September 2018 although most of his videos from this period have been removed.

A vast majority of his content is related to pranks and random comedy vlogs about a range of lifestyle and other general topics.


JiDion initially struggled to gain traction on YouTube and his viewership did not particularly blow up until mid-2021. He had only 100k subscribers until September 2019 and continued to grow at a steady but slow rate.

By the end of 2020, he had amassed more than 350k YouTube subscribers and he began to attract attention due to the hilarious and unlikely nature of his pranks.


JiDion's YouTube and Twitch career in 2021

The content creator reached 1 million subscribers in August 2021 and has seen a rise in popularity, especially in recent months. Currently, the YouTuber has 3.59 million subscribers on the platform and his pranks regularly go viral on the internet.

WE DID THAT!!! Thank you boys sooo much we did it for shaq❤️ #1milli

Unlike most other YouTubers that post pranks, JiDion has managed to keep his content fresh and comes up with hilarious new pranks on a regular basis.

This has allowed him to amass a large community on YouTube. Meanwhile, the creator has not been active on Twitch since the start of his career. As a matter of fact, he created his Twitch channel in February 2021 but did not start streaming regularly until August 2021. Before the ban, he had managed to register 305k followers on Twitch.

The content creator spent most of his time on Twitch hosting 'Just Chatting' streams. However, he also spent a considerable amount of time playing video games such as GTA V, Fortnite, and NBA 2K22.

JiDion returns to YouTube after his controversy with Pokimane

The recent controversy involving Pokimane has had an impact, whether positive or negative, and has made the creator more famous than before. However, JiDion recently apologized to Pokimane on Twitter.

Throughout this whole situation I did a lot of corny shit, and I’m way funnier then the level I brought myself down to. Pokie i apologize and boys I’m dropping it so I’m asking you guys to as well. Will be streaming next week on YouTube and love you guys❤️

The creator has claimed that he has learned from his mistake and has promised to resume his livestreaming career on YouTube soon. It remains to be seen whether he will continue with his regular content, or if he will introduce some new material that he had tried out on Twitch.

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