Destiny 2 Dares of Eternity is trapping New Light players while veterans come to the rescue

Destiny 2 Dares of Eternity (Image via Bungie)
Destiny 2 Dares of Eternity (Image via Bungie)

A new Destiny 2 "glitch" is horrifying for new players but hilarious for veterans. The latest 30th Anniversary event puts everyone headfirst inside the event regardless of one's power level and progression. However, the activity itself requires a minimum power requirement of 1150. Anything below that will make it harder for players to kill.

This is extra hard for players who do not know how the game works. Not only is Destiny 2 asking them to engage in a 6-player activity with a power disadvantage, most of them are not acquainted with the core mechanics of the game. Thankfully, veteran players have found a way to help.

Veterans are toning down their Destiny 2 power level to help New Light players from Dares trap

To match the inexperienced New Light players, veterans are powering down their own level to 1100. This can be done by equipping a 0 power Festival of the Lost headgear or equipping vaulted weapons like Mountaintop or Recluse.

This will give everyone a chance to match with newer players inside Dares and take care of the enemies without a sweat.

What makes this even more horrifying for New Light players are the Champions that come alongside other enemies. While everyone can still return to orbit, these players have just started playing the game. They don't know how inventory works, let alone abandon an activity.

#Destiny2 #XboxShare Time to rescue some New Lights from Dares of Eternity!

Reddit user HateJeong uploaded the issue to Destiny 2's official Reddit. He said that even veteran players get matched with five other New Lights while toning down their power level. This is a significant problem, as it can permanently make players quit the game.

Bungie must address the issue since the event is up until Witch Queen. Many first-timers have been logging in and trying Destiny 2 only to be greeted with an activity out of nowhere alongside high-tier champion enemies and bosses. While this does not make an excellent first impression, players often spawn mid-encounters during fights.

Ground my brains out in Dares of Eternity yesterday, with some fun odd bits throughout. First in the thread is this botched af shatterdive — slow-mo descent and then…rewind? #destiny2

Hopefully, there will be a fix somewhere in the future where the company disables the auto-boarding on Dares of Eternity for all the players. This way, New Light players can keep playing the prolog as they enter the game, and veterans can get on with their grinding.

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