Destiny 2 Lightfall potential release date, lore, and more

Destiny 2 Lightfall is expected to go live in 2023 (Image via Bungie)
Destiny 2 Lightfall is expected to go live in 2023 (Image via Bungie)

Lightfall is the name of Destiny 2's upcoming campaign. The current one, Witch Queen, saw Guardians going up against Savathun, one of the three Hive Gods in the game.

With her defeat, the Vanguard uncovered some secrets about the incoming Black Fleet and the Witness.

Given how the story panned out, Savathun wasn't trying to take the Traveler. Instead, she was trying to protect it.

Her current whereabouts are unknown, and Savathun's Ghost is missing too. That said, it's currently unclear whether she will return in Destiny 2 Lightfall, but here's everything that fans can deduce about the upcoming campaign from whatever information is available.

When does Destiny 2 Lightfall go live?


For now, there's no proper date yet. Initially, Destiny 2 Lightfall was scheduled to go live in 2022. However, thanks to the pandemic, everything was delayed by a year.

With the Witch Queen campaign going live in 2022, it's unlikely that Bungie would release two campaigns in one year. Moreover, given that the Witch Queen came in with four new seasons, it's evident that Lightfall will go live next year.

The Season of the Haunted is the second season of the Witch Queen campaign. Going by the calculations, Destiny 2 Lightfall should go live sometime around February 2023.

This is just an educated guess for now. More information about the release date should be available during the Bungie Showcase on August 23.

Possible storyline for new Lightfall expansion


Speaking of the lore around the campaign, there's a chance that the Traveler might be under attack. It's not every day that the Hive God of Cunning would go out of her way to protect the mighty Traveler.

There's always a possibility that she would have some vested interests, but her actions show something dangerous out there, and even Savathun fears it.

The Witness and his Black Fleet have been trying to establish dominance for a while now. And the Light Bearers are the only ones who could even try and stop them.

So the best way to deal with them would be to take away their light. That is the reason why the Traveler could be attacked.

New darkness subclass in Destiny 2 Lightfall


Bungie has also talked about introducing a new subclass with the Lightfall expansion. The developers started reworking the subclasses in the title with the Witch Queen campaign, and the only subclass not to have received a rework till now is Arc.

That should be addressed in Season 18, which is scheduled to go live on August 24.

For now, Stasis is the only darkness subclass in Destiny 2. Two more subclasses will join the darkness roster.

Now, fans have been speculating about the introduction of the new Poison-based subclass. And it does fit the bill.

Weapons like the Osteo Striga and Thorn already have perks that allow them to deal toxin damage. Given that they're already available in the game, it wouldn't be a surprise to see the Poison subclass in Lightfall.

Alternatively, there's a possibility that SIVA could be behind the other darkness subclass. Since there's a chance that the Traveler might be attacked, the Vanguard could reactivate Rasputin as a defensive maneuver.

Rasputin could then use SIVA to infuse the darkness into a set of powers for all Lightbearers to wield.