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DJ Alok vs Dasha in Free Fire: Comparing the abilities of the two characters

Image via errorscar official/ YouTube
Image via errorscar official/ YouTube
Modified 13 Nov 2020, 23:56 IST

Characters with unique abilities are among the most exciting aspects of Garena Free Fire, distinguishing it from other titles on the mobile platform. The game offers over 30 in-game characters, with the latest addition being Dasha.

Though DJ Alok was introduced about a year ago, he is still one of the most sought-after characters in Garena Free Fire, thanks to his incredible ability. This article compares his skill with that of Dasha.

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Comparing the abilities of DJ Alok and Dasha in Free Fire

DJ Alok’s ability – Drop the Beat

DJ Alok in Free Fire
DJ Alok in Free Fire

Drop the Beat is an active ability that creates a 5m aura, increasing the ally movement speed by 10% and restores 5 HP/second for 5s at level 1.

With the increase in the level of the character, the skill is further enhanced. At the highest level, the duration of this aura is increased to 10 seconds and movement speed of allies increases to 15%. 

The character can be purchased from the in-game shop for 599 diamonds


Dasha’s ability – Partying On

Dasha in Free Fire
Dasha in Free Fire

It is a passive ability that has multiple effects on the gameplay. Partying On reduces the damage taken from falls by 30% and recovery time by 60%. It also reduces the rate of recoil build-up by 6% and even maximum recoil by 6%.

At the maximum level, the specific attributes get reduced by 50%, 80%, 10%, and 10%, respectively. 

She is not yet available in-game, and when players click on the obtain button, they will receive a message ‘This item will be available soon.’


Both abilities appear to be quite useful, even though they affect two different aspects of the gameplay.

Dasha’s ability reduces the recovery time and damage from falls and reduces recoil build-up and the maximum recoil, proving quite significant in a gunfight. The reduction of the recoil would mean that the users would be able to spray more effectively.

While it is not possible to write off DJ Alok when it comes to the health factor, the players at the maximum level will receive 50 HP, and the teammates’ HP will also increase if they are within this aura. This provides overall flexibility in the gameplay, as they can heal themselves without a medikit.


At the end of the day, DJ Alok’s ability overshadows Dasha’s, in this writer’s opinion.

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Note: This article reflects the writer’s view, and what may seem better to someone may not be the same for others.

Published 11 Nov 2020, 18:02 IST
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