DJ Alok vs Wukong vs Maro: Which Free Fire character is better for the Clash Squad mode?

Comparing the abilities of DJ Alok, Wukong, and Maro to see who is better for the Clash Squad mode
Comparing the abilities of DJ Alok, Wukong, and Maro to see who is better for the Clash Squad mode
Modified 26 Apr 2021

Clash Squad is one of the most popular arcade modes in Free Fire, attracting many players. This mode pits two teams against each other, and the one with the most points after eight rounds wins the game.

DJ Alok and Wukong are two of the best characters in Free Fire right now, and they're great choices for the Clash Squad mode. Maro is the newest character in-game with some great qualities.

This article compares and contrasts their skills to determine who is the most potent for Free Fire's Clash Squad mode.

Assessing the abilities of DJ Alok, Wukong, and Maro in Free Fire

DJ Alok

DJ Alok in Free Fire
DJ Alok in Free Fire

DJ Alok has the ability, Drop the Beat, which creates a 5m aura that raises ally movement speed by 10% and restores 5 HP/s for five seconds at its base stage.

The character levels up with the help of universal fragments. Drop the Beat's highest stage raises ally travel speed by 15% and restores 5 HP/s for 10 seconds.


Wukong in Free Fire
Wukong in Free Fire

Wukong has the active ability called Camouflage. At its most basic level, the skill will turn the player into a bush for 10 seconds. The cooldown lasts 300 seconds.

When players attack enemies, the transformation ends, but when they defeat an opponent, the CD gets reset. Wukong's CD time reduces to 200 seconds at his highest stage, and his transition delay increases to 15 seconds.


Maro in Free Fire
Maro in Free Fire

Maro is a falconer who loves bow hunting, as per his in-game biography. He also has a passive ability named Falcon Fervor.

At its base level (level 1), the power increases damage over distance by up to 5%. It also helps players improve damage inflicted on marked enemies by 1%.

At the highest level of Falcon Fervor (level 6), the damage over distance increases by 25%, while damage dealt on marked opponents increases by 3.5 percent.


DJ Alok, Wukong, and Maro are fantastic characters in Free Fire and have great qualities to dispense on the ground. However, for the Clash Squad mode, Alok is the best character amongst all three of them.

Wukong can turn into a bush and hide from enemies while he is not attacking others. This method is effective for rank pushing but does not work quite well in Clash Squad matches.

Maro has the ability that increases damage over distance. But for close-range game modes like Clash Squad, his skill is not suitable.

DJ Alok offers a constant healing source to players, along with enhanced movement speed. It benefits them extensively during the Clash Squad mode. Hence, it is better to use him, as he has the best and most potent skill for this mode in Free Fire.

Disclaimer: The choice of a character is an individual decision, and prioritizing one over the other solely depends on an individual's playing style.

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Published 26 Apr 2021
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