Do 'tryhards' ruin video games in today's age?

Image Credits: Epic Games
Image Credits: Epic Games
Joey Carr

A recent TikTok video on 'tryhards' has gone viral and has caused quite a stir in the gaming community. If you're unaware of what the term means, a tryhard is someone who attempts to win every game with tenacious determination. These players are known to take any game they play exceptionally seriously, and sometimes to a fault.

The recent topic of tryhards has come up many times thanks to the current skill-based matchmaking that many game developers implement. Essentially, many feel that tryhards ruin multiplayer titles due to their unwillingness to stop trying their hardest at any time. Which raises the question: Do these players ruin video games, or are they adding to the competitive nature of games?

Tryhards in video games

The TikTok video that started this whole debate again was uploaded by user Bobbywasabi1356, and reuploaded by user mbeen22. The original post talks over a Fall Guys video in which the player performs impressive feats on the Hexagon level. However, instead of impressing the TikTok user, this irritates him and leads him to call the player a tryhard.


He then goes into a minute-long rant about how tryhards like the Fall Guys player are ruining video games. The TikTokker claims that he, and all other tryhards, take the fun out of games and even says that's why people aren't playing Fortnite or Call of Duty: Warzone anymore.

So the question remains, do tryhards ruin video games? It's ultimately a matter of opinion, but the general consensus among gamers is that tryhards don't spoil games. While it can be annoying to go up against a whole team of players trying their hardest, that's what multiplayer games intended to do.

The goal of any such game is to win and have fun. It just so happens that some players find enjoyment in trying hard and doing their best to win the game.

However, it's also agreed upon by many that this is what competitive playlists should be for. Playlists like Arena in Fortnite should be where most of the tryhards reside, since it's the most competitive mode. However, game developers are converting casual playlists into competitive ones by instituting skill-based matchmaking, which pairs a player with others of similar talent.

Image Credits: Epic Games
Image Credits: Epic Games

With this system in place, you never have the freedom to have fun unless you're winning the game. Trying out new mechanics, messing around with friends, or anything else of that nature is out the window if you have a lobby of tryhards gunning you down.

So while tryhards certainly don't ruin games, they can affect some player's enjoyment. Game developers across the industry should attempt to fix this by lowering the skill-based matchmaking in casual playlists.

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