Does F1 23 have a difficulty mode?

One of the standout features of F1 23 is its customizable setting (Image via
One of the standout features of F1 23 is its customizable setting (Image via EA Sports)

F1 23 has generated immense anticipation among Formula 1 enthusiasts and fans of the racing genre. Developer Codemasters has significantly improved the gameplay mechanics, ensuring that even newcomers can experience the exhilaration of F1 racing. To facilitate this, they have introduced various difficulty settings that players can adjust to tailor their gameplay experience.

Notable additions include the Las Vegas Grand Prix, revamped driving physics, and the option to race 35% of the original distance. Additionally, in F1 23, you can enhance your understanding of the races by adjusting the difficulty level through the settings.

You can control the difficulty level of the AI opponents on the tracks by adjusting the numbers in the settings. If you're seeking a more challenging racing experience, maximize the numbers and prepare yourself for intense competition against the AI.

This article will guide you through the steps of modifying the difficulty settings and provide helpful tips to improve your gaming experience.

How to change the difficulty in F1 23


One of the standout features of F1 23 is its customizable setting, which enables you to adjust the game's difficulty according to your preference. Codemasters has significantly enhanced driving physics to offer a more realistic driving experience. This improvement is evident in the smoothness of the turns and the traction system, which ensures consistent grip throughout the race.

To adjust the AI difficulty on the tracks, follow these steps:

  • Access the settings menu
  • Choose the "Difficulty" option
  • Locate the section "AI Difficulty"
  • Next to the AI Difficulty bar, you will find the description Tab
  • Before adjusting the numbers, read the description
  • For Easy Difficulty, maintain numbers within the range of 20 to 39
  • For Medium Difficulty, keep the numbers between 39 and 59
  • For Hard Difficulty, ensure the numbers range from 60 to 79
  • For Expert Difficulty, maintain the numbers between 80 and 89
  • For Master Difficulty, keep the numbers within the range of 90 to 94
  • For Legend Difficulty, ensure the numbers are between 95 and 100

Modifying Preset in F1 23

Modifying Preset in F1 23 (Image via EA)
Modifying Preset in F1 23 (Image via EA)

Additionally, you are presented with various options to configure your in-game cars, including adjustments to aerodynamics, tires, and preset options for speed, suspension, and brakes. While these settings are initially fixed as default, they can be modified by referring to their descriptions or simply increasing or decreasing them.

You will discover a range of options that can be adjusted (Image via EA)
You will discover a range of options that can be adjusted (Image via EA)

In F1 23, you can modify the Assists settings to control the car better. When you access the Assists menu, you will discover various options that can be adjusted. These include Driving Proficiency, Steering and Braking Assists, Anti-lock Brakes, and Traction Control.

By customizing these settings, you can become acquainted with the race tracks and better understand how your car responds to braking, acceleration, and gear changes.

These settings are preset, but you can alter them by reading the descriptions provided for each option. Once you've made your desired changes, engage in a free race mode against the AI and experiment with different settings to become more familiar with them.

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