F1 23 settings you need to change before playing

Best F1 23 settings you need to change before playing (Image via Codemasters)
F1 23 settings you need to change before playing (Image via Codemasters)

Whether you're a new or returning player to F1 23, there are some crucial game settings you should change before sprinting across the track. Players now have a driving experience that is more similar to that of real-life sim racers, thanks to Codemasters' excellent work on the title's new handling and physics. However, you can greatly improve your precision and control over cars by making a few tweaks to the game settings.


This article provides you with the ultimate settings guide that will let you navigate F1 23 at your own pace and take full advantage of the thrills and spills that the title offers.

Best F1 23 race style, display settings, and more

Race style

This setting changes the complexity of the car handling model you'll drive on track in F1 23. Choose the race style based on your circumstances:

Casual: This racing style is your best pick if you are unfamiliar with racing games. It gives you the easiest track conditions, including a more stable car when driving over slippery surfaces like grass or an automatic reset feature when going off the track. Furthermore, it includes the adaptive AI option, which slows down or speeds up your car, depending on how quick you are.

Standard: This racing style is the most commonly used and gives you all the settings except for a few on-track simulation ones.

Expert: If you are familiar with all of the aspects of the game and are ready to face the biggest challenges, choose this race style for a real-life experience on the track.



If you feel like you're familiar enough with F1 23 to select Standard or Expert Race Style, you'll be able to adjust your driving assist as well. These are the recommended driving assist settings:

  • Driving Proficiency: Custom
  • Steering Assist: Off
  • Braking Assist: Off
  • Anti-Lock Brakes: On
  • Traction Control: Full
  • Dynamic Racing Line: Corners Only
  • Dynamic Racing Linne Type: 3D
  • Hi-Vis Racing Linne: On
  • Gearbox: Automatic
  • Pit Assist: On
  • Pit Release Assist: On
  • ERS Assist: On
  • DRS Assist: On

On-Screen display

  • On-Screen Display: On
  • On-Screen Display (Cockpit View): Off
  • Speedometer Units: Your preference
  • Temperature Units: Your preference
  • Track Map: Full Track Map
  • Map Rotation: Off
  • Delta Time: On
  • Proximity Arrows: On (White arrow indicates that a car is close to you, and the red arrow means the car is alongside you)
  • Driver Tags: On
  • Start Lights: On
  • Virtual Rear View Mirror: Off (You can turn this on to see behind you all time)
  • Permanent Session Timer (P/Q): On
  • Always Display Objective Panel: Off

Simulation Settings

  • Recovery Mode: Auto-Recovery
  • Surface Type: Realistic
  • Low Fuel Mode: Easy
  • Race Stats: Manual
  • Car Damage: Standard
  • Card Damage Rate: Standard
  • Collisions: On
  • Off for First Lap Only: Disabled

Audio Settings

  • If you're struggling to drive with manual gears, head over to Audio Settings and turn on the Upshift Tone. This will play a beeping sound, which will tell you when to change gears.
  • If you want to automatically mute other players instantly after joining a multiplayer lobby, go to Audio Settings > Multiplayer > Mute by Default: On

A few other important F1 23 settings

  • When you switch to newer engine parts in career mode, ensure to use the old parts during practice. This will help the new engine last longer throughout the season.
  • If you pause the game while in practice and go to Settings > On-Screen Display > OSD customization, you can adjust the positions of all the HUDs on your screen during a race.
  • You can make strategy changes on the Race Strategy MFD page. You can change Downforce based on the weather. Additionally, you can opt to change your damaged wing at the next pit stop.
  • You can make your engineer Jeff stop talking by using the radio-quiet command in the MFD. He'll only communicate if you ask any questions. You can let him speak by using the radio-talk command.

This concludes our guide to having some of the best F1 23 settings to make your racing experience better.

F1 23 is set to be released on June 16, 2023, for multiple platforms, including Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, and Series S.

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Edited by Rachel Syiemlieh
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