Does Halo Infinite feature skill-based matchmaking?

Halo Infinite features modes that may vary in SBMM (Image via Xbox)
Halo Infinite features modes that may vary in SBMM (Image via Xbox)
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Skill-based matchmaking has already become an essential topic for Halo Infinite as the system has become a prominent part of current shooters. It was only a matter of time before players would question whether the latest Halo featured skill-based matchmaking with its own playlists.

Like many other games, the details of skill-based matchmaking in Halo Infinite are a bit murky depending on the game type that players are in. There are three major playlists in the game, including Big Team Battle, Quickplay, and the Ranked playlist. Each one appears to have its own level of skill-based matchmaking involved to create different experiences.

Skill-based matchmaking in the core modes for Halo Infinite

Overall, there is some degree of skill-based matchmaking in Halo Infinite, regardless of the playlist that players decide to jump into. But it's entirely possible that the severity of it can vary.

Quickplay throws players into 4v4 arena-based modes very fast, which means less time to find players at the same skill level. There are no ranks to easily throw players into the same multiplayer match.

On top of that, Halo Infinite is fresh, and users are still putting the time in to make their stats more clear-cut. It's not uncommon to have one really good player and a new one within the same match.


Big Team Battle likely has the least amount of skill-based matchmaking, as the mode has far more gamers and still begins fast. This mode is meant as a more casual playlist anyway, so it makes sense to have a more lenient experience where they can explore the game the way they want to.

However, there are no official outlines for how skill-based matchmaking works in this mode.

Skill-based matchmaking in ranked Halo Infinite

Of course, the ranked mode in Halo Infinite will have the most skill-based matchmaking. There won't be any contention to this, though, because the entire point of ranked is to climb the ladder and face off against other players in the competition.

The ranked mode gives players an MMR ranking that judges their skill rating as they progress in matches. But everyone knows this going into the game, and it's expected that games will get more challenging as gamers move through the ranked ladder.

No matter what mode they enter, skill-based matchmaking will be present in Halo Infinite, but it won't always be too sweaty.

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