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"Don't tell me how my friends are": Sykkuno claps back at toxic chat

Sykkuno shuts down toxic people in his chat in a recent stream
Sykkuno shuts down toxic people in his chat in a recent stream
Danyal Arabi
Modified 24 Jan 2021

Popular YouTuber and Twitch streamer "Sykkuno" recently addressed a toxic person inciting a feud in his chat over a misunderstanding with Jacksepticeye.

Jacksepticeye and Sykkuno have been playing together on stream for a couple of months. In a recent Valorant stream, some miscommunication between the two saw Jacksepticeye lose his spot in the five person queue for a game of Valorant. A toxic chatter decided to declare what a "true" friend would do.

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Sykkuno shuts down toxic chatter

To set the context for readers on the true nature of what happened, Sykkuno messaged Jacksepticeye and asked him if he was in for a bit of Valorant. Jack replied that "He was done for the night." What Jack meant was that he was done with work for the night and is free for a game. Sykkuno misinterpreted this statement. He thought Jacksepticeye was done for the night and won't be playing any more.

"I checked the message he said he was done for the night. I thought meant that he's good, you know? I was just confused. Apparently, he meant 'He's done' as in he's free."

By this point, the lobby was full of other players. In good faith, Sykkuno would not kick someone after being invited.

"I do feel bad though, kicking people out always feels wrong. Next time we'll get Jack in for some Valorant and Jester Among Us."

After starting the game, a toxic fan in the chat thought they could comment on the nature of their friendship by saying "A true friend wouldn't have played." Sykkuno had the perfect response.

"A true friend would understand that it was just a misunderstanding so how about you not tell me how my friends are. I think it's weird that people who don't know either of us think they know both of us better than we know ourselves which I think is kinda weird."

Sykkuno even mentioned that he's already spoken to Jacksepticeye. It's all just a misunderstanding and everything's good between the two of them.

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Published 24 Jan 2021, 18:26 IST
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