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Dota 2 Guide: Tips to Become Unstoppable as a Mid Laner

Anuj Gupta
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Image courtesy: Dota 2 gamepedia website
Image courtesy: Dota 2 gamepedia website

I have often come across mid players who complain that their team is not reacting to the enemy supports ganking mid. On the other hand, mostly in high level games, there is an overreaction to support ganks in mid. Team Radiant support comes and ganks team Dire’s mid laner and suddenly there is a barrage of TPs landing on both sides of the lane to win the fight. Even the carries get involved in the fights.

As much as the concept of counter-ganking is valid and is applied in matches there is a different side to it. The whole point of a mid laner in to make space for the carry player to farm. Carries getting involved in fights is not really an effective way of doing that nor is every other player on the map using TPs to win a fight on mid or their safe lane because it will only create a chaos for the carry. Here is a Dota 2 guide to avoid such situations and make smart plays around the map to enable yourself as a mid and make space for your carry.

#1 Force fights on your offlane

Image courtesy: Youtube website
Image courtesy: Youtube website

There are times when your safe lane is struggling because the enemy is ganking them or the offlaner duo is too much to deal with. In that case going and ganking in your safe lane to relieve the pressure is not the correct play. In fact it will only create more problems for your carry. He might die in the fight and lose even more XP and gold .

The correct play is to force tower of the enemy safelane. Make sure to push the creep wave from your mid tower before going to the offlane, as this will prevent the enemy mid laner to quickly thrive on your tower. The next step is to group up with your offlaner and a single support enabling you to pressurize the enemy safe lane tower and forcing rotations as a result you will create a lot of space for your carry. The enemy team including their carry, will be busy chasing the three of you. In case they don’t they will lose their safe lane tower granting access to you in their jungle.

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