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DOTA 2 MMR: 5 Steps To Increase Dota2 Solo MMR

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Alchemist warning about your noob teammates
Alchemist warning about your noob teammates

 How to increase MMR? I don't think you would be reading this right now if you knew. After writing the guide on how to improve your gameplay my friend suggested me that I should write a guide on how to get out of the "ELO Hell". If you don't know the term ELO Hell you probably live under a rock. You will meet a lot of players who will always complain about how their rank is not justified or how the system has given them an undeserving MMR bracket and these complain comes with the proof of 1. people feeding in their games 2. people throwing the game 3. tried hard and killed a lot yet lost the game kind of post game screenshots.

I never thought I would break this down to anyone ever but here it is, you are not the only one to play with feeders. If you don't feed and you don't troll then statistically you have 4 potential idiots and your enemies have 5. If you know your role and heroes the potentially you have 4 noobs in your team but the enemy has 5. "My luck is so bad I always get noob carries" - No, you are the only one. Fact is, this doesn't even affect your MMR in the long run, because everyone faces these situations and eventually it cancels out for everyone.

I can't be like "hey! here's your MMR. come back tomorrow in the happy hours for more!" but what I can do is show you a few ways out of the ELO Hell. And this is idiot-proof. Since this is Idiot-proof it has no shortcuts or easy way out. So be prepared.

#1. Fix a goal

How far do you wanna go? Now some of you will be like "is this even a question?". Yes! it is. Decide how far you want to go and set a realistic target. Realistic is the key word here. RTZ or Miracle might be the ranked 1 player right now but they are professional DotA players. They get paid to play the game. They don't have to go to school or college. They have devoted themselves to the game and they are 100% focused on dota. Would you able to be that focused or dedicated? I guess not. Now that I think about it "dedication" could be a point in this article but Nah I am not going to gas you up.

So here it is, fix a realistic goal and try to reach it. Divide the goal into separate parts and achieve slowly. Suppose you are now at 1k (I hope you are not, I can not see that much pain existing in this world) and your target is 2k. Separate it in 200 MMR. Now your goal is to win 200 MMR from where you are. Considering 1 win = 25 MMR. Roughly 8 wins to your target. take the baby steps and move ahead. what now? well, read the rest of the article - follow those steps and GRIND GRIND GRIND duh!

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