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Dota 2 Heroes: Phantom Assassin – Complete Hero Guide (Hero Profile and Lore)

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Phantom Assassin or Mortred is a melee agility hero who is effective at any stage of Dota 2. Phantom Assassin can be played as a safe lane hard carry or a mid lane carry. Phantom Assassin is mostly known and infamous for her ability to deal devastating damage with a single hit. Phantom Assassin’s abilities synergize really well which makes her a threat against any line-up. Because of her skill set, she is a carry that can be hard to stop even after picking several counters. If Phantom Assassin gets the farm and items she requires she can be unstoppable. Her ability to deal critical damage is the nastiest critical damage ability in the game and probably the only critical damage ability that creates 4-digit crits. She is a farm dependant hero but unlike other hard carries, she doesn’t need a lot of space to farm. Most of the time, Phantom Assassin snowballs her way to the late game. 

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She is good at last hitting because of her Stifling Dagger damage and Phantom Strike. Stifling dagger not only helps her farm but also helps her to secure kills, especially with delivering devastating critical damage through her dagger.

Phantom Strike is also a spell that Phantom Assassin can use to take the last hit on a kill which makes it easier for her to snowball. Phantom Strike can also be used as an escape mechanism. This makes her very mobile and helps her move around the battleground, making her way in and out of the combat.

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Blur is her 3rd spell. This passive ability makes her unstoppable against melee heroes who relies heavily on right click damage. Phantom Assassin can easily survive longer in a right click battle because of her 3rd ability and then finishes off her enemies with devastating critical damage. Blur also makes her invisible from the minimap if no enemy hero is near her.

Her ultimate is the ability she is known for. Coupe De Grace. Phantom Assassin delivers very high damage critical hits with her stifling dagger and right click attacks. This is the most annoying critical damage ability in the whole game. This makes her a huge threat against support heroes or heroes with low health pool as most of the time her late game critical damage is more than some heroes entire health pool.

Phantom Assassin Lore:

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Through a process of divination, children are selected for upbringing by the Sisters of the Veil, an order that considers assassination a sacred part of the natural order. The Veiled Sisters identify targets through meditation and oracular utterances. They accept no contracts, and never seem to pursue targets for political or mercenary reasons. Their killings bear no relation to any recognizable agenda and can seem to be completely random: A figure of great power is no more likely to be eliminated than a peasant or a well digger. Whatever pattern the killings may contain, it is known only to them. They treat their victims as sacrifices, and death at their hand is considered an honor. Raised with no identity except that of their order, any Phantom Assassin can take the place of any other; their number is not known. Perhaps there are many, perhaps there are few. Nothing is known of what lies under the Phantom Veil. Except that this one, from time to time, when none are near enough to hear, is known to stir her veils with the forbidden whisper of her own name: Mortred.

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Published 29 Sep 2018, 12:05 IST
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