DOTA 2 The International 11 Last Chance Qualifier: Schedule, participating teams, where to watch, & more

The Last Chance Qualifier (Image via PGL)
The Last Chance Qualifier (Image via PGL)

By the end of the DOTA 2 Arlington Major last month, fans knew the 12 teams that directly qualified through the DOTA Pro Circuit (DPC). Six more secured an invitation by winning their respective Regional Qualifiers. Two more seats are up for grabs and 12 teams will fight amongst themselves, vying for it early next month in the Last Chance Qualifier.

The International (TI) 11 fervor is in full swing among the DOTA 2 faithful. Battle Pass 2022 is finally here and even though it has run into criticism, it still signals the start of the TI season and the mirth and joy surrounding it. With each passing day, the excitement only increases.

The Last Chance Qualifier will reveal the last two DOTA 2 teams who will get the last seats in the Group Stage and fans will surely be excited to see if their favorite teams make the cut.

Everything one needs to know about the upcoming Last Chance Qualifier for DOTA 2 The International 11

The DOTA 2 TI 11 Last Chance Qualifier marks the final opportunity that these teams will have to stake their claim for the two remaining spots available at this year's TI. Each of these teams has enough talent to make a case for being deserving of TI 11 invitations and LCQ is the perfect event for them to showcase th.

The 12 participating teams constitute two teams taken from each region, who were placed second and third in each of the Regional Qualifiers. They are as follows:

  • nouns
  • Wildcard Gaming
  • Infamous
  • Tempest
  • Team Secret
  • Team Liquid
  • (erstwhile Outsiders)
  • Natus Vincere
  • Xtreme Gaming
  • Vici Gaming
  • Polaris Esports
  • T1

These DOTA 2 teams are divided into two groups of six teams each. The group stage (October 8 - October 9) will be a single round-robin with all matches being of Best of 2.

The top four teams from each group will make their way to the upper bracket of the playoffs and the remaining teams from each group will be placed in the lower bracket.

The Playoffs (October 10 - October 12) will be a double-elimination bracket with all matches being Best of 3. Two teams from here will qualify for TI 11. The group divisions are as follows:

Group A:

  • Natus Vincere
  • nouns
  • Polaris Esports
  • Team Secret
  • Tempest
  • Vici Gaming

Group B:

  • Infamous
  • T1
  • Team Liquid
  • Wildcard Gaming
  • Xtreme Gaming

The Last Chance Qualifier Schedule (Group Stage): October 8 - 9

October 8 - Stream A

MatchTime (In SGT)Result
Secret vs Tempest10:002-0
T1 vs Liquid12:300-2
nouns vs Polaris15: 00 0-2
Xtreme vs VP17:301-1

October 8 - Stream B

MatchTime (In SGT)Result
nouns vs Navi10:000-2
Polaris vs Navi12:301-1
Tempest vs VG15:000-2
Tempest vs Navi17:300-2

October 8 - Stream C

MatchTime (In SGT)Result
Xtreme vs Liquid10:001-1
Xtreme vs WG12:302-0
WG vs VP15:001-1
Liquid vs Infamous17:301-1

October 8 - Stream D

MatchTime (In SGT)Result
VP vs Infamous10:002-0
VG vs Secret12:301-1
T1 vs Infamous15:001-1
Secret vs nouns17:301-1

October 9 - Stream A

MatchTime (In SGT)Result
Secret vs Polaris10:001-1
Navi vs VG12:301-1
T1 vs VP15:001-1
VG vs Polaris17:302-0

October 9 - Stream B

MatchTime (In SGT)Result
T1 vs XG10:002-0
Infamous vs XG12:300-2
Tempest vs Polaris15:000-2
T1 vs WG17:301-1

October 9 - Stream C

MatchTime (In SGT)Result
VG vs nouns10:000-2
Tempest vs nouns12:301-1
Navi vs Secret15:001-1

October 9 - Stream D

MatchTime (In SGT) Result
Liquid vs WG10:002-0
Liquid vs VP12:302-0
Infamous vs WG15:001-1

(All information has been taken from PGL's official post and Liquipedia. Any changes on their end will be updated here.)

Group A

StandingsTeam Record
1 Natus Vincere2-3-0
2Vici Gaming
3Team Secret1-4-0
4Polaris Esports

Group B

1Team Liquid3-2-0
2Xtreme Gaming
6Wildcard Gaming0-3-2

Where to watch

The Group Stage will have four games being played simultaneously on four different streams:

Stream A: |

Stream B: |

Stream C: |

Stream D: |

For the Playoffs, the first two days will be streamed on:, | and the last day will be showcased on: |

That's all there is for now, as revealed by the organizers. The page will be updated with more information as and when revealed, so keep an eye out for regular DOTA 2 updates regarding the LCQ.

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