How to earn levels in DOTA 2 Battle Pass 2022

The Battle Pass 2022 (Image via DOTA 2)
The Battle Pass 2022 (Image via DOTA 2)

The DOTA 2 Battle Pass 2022 is finally here; this time, Valve has broken the pass into two parts. While Part 1 is already here with a bag full of goodies, Part 2 is slated to arrive once The International 2022 is over.

The International is the biggest event in the DOTA 2 calendar and one of the most important esports events yearly. With a mouth-watering prize pool, scintillating gameplays, and twists and turns to make O. Henry proud, it is every professional DOTA 2 player's dream to hold the Aegis of Champions high above their head.

The International fever is incomplete without the iconic Battle Pass, which has almost become synonymous with the event. This year's pass came a bit late but will be here longer, meaning players have more time to earn levels and grab the rewards.

How can users earn points to level up DOTA 2 Battle Pass 2022?

Gamers have the option to buy the Battle Pass 2022 at Level 1, Level 50, and Level 100, with each having its own set of prices. This time, the Level 1 Battle Pass has regional pricing, but players have a steep climb ahead if they want to make their way to the more alluring rewards at the higher levels.

Battle Pass 2022 holds two arcanas and two personas for users to get a hold of.

The bread and butter to earning Battle Pass levels for gamers is completing weekly quests in tandem with the Cavern Crawl mechanism. For the former, each week has its own set of objectives that players need to complete to be eligible to get a bunch of points to further their Battle Pass levels.

Users should remember that they will need to activate a particular week to complete the specific objectives given for that week.

Weekly objectives in the Battle Pass that are added (Image via DOTA 2)
Weekly objectives in the Battle Pass that are added (Image via DOTA 2)

Six quests are released each week, each with three tiers, i.e., three progress stars per quest. The requirements, of course, increase as gamers go up a tier.

Those who manage four stars in one week get 500 Battle Points. For nine, they get 1000 Battle Points; for fifteen, they get 1500 Battle Points.

Players completing all of them will receive 3000 Battle Points, which amounts to three Battle Pass levels. Some weeks will also offer Bonus Week Battle Chests.

Users can switch between weeks by simply activating them to complete any objective they missed.

The Cavern Crawl (Image via DOTA 2)
The Cavern Crawl (Image via DOTA 2)

For Cavern Crawl, gamers will be given a set of objectives where they must play with certain heroes and win to progress in that particular mode. The maze-like cavern is filled with chests containing Battle Points, and they have to win with the stated heroes to see if they land on or unlock one.

The Cavern Crawl contains nine chests containing 2000 Battle Points and 53 chests with 250 Battle Points, giving players a total of 31,250 Battle Points. The other way to quickly level up their Battle Pass levels is to buy the levels with money.

As mentioned earlier, DOTA 2 users can already pick up levels 50 and 100 during their initial purchase. They can also buy levels individually once they have activated their Battle Passes.

Gamers can also expect DOTA 2 Level Bundles later to provide a boost to the Battle Pass levels at a lucrative price.

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