Dr Disrespect moving to Facebook could spell more trouble than his Twitch ban

Image Credit: DrDisrespect/YouTube
Image Credit: DrDisrespect/YouTube

Disclaimer: This is an opinion piece and does not confirm that Dr Disrespect is joining Facebook Gaming.

Dr Disrespect recently brought up the idea of himself on the Facebook streaming platform. He was teasing what it might cost them to make the streaming star an exclusive partner on Facebook. Of course, the number that Dr Disrespect suggested was not cheap.

An 8 figure deal, about $40 million, is what Dr Disrespect suggested Facebook gaming would have to pay him to make him an exclusive streamer. Most of the conversation was likely just speculation and a joke over what he might do in a given situation, but what if such a deal was to come to fruition between the Doc and Facebook?

Dr Disrespect moving to Facebook could spell more doom than his Twitch ban

Image Credit: DrDisrespect/YouTube
Image Credit: DrDisrespect/YouTube

To Dr Disrespect, a $40 million deal as an exclusive streamer is likely an absolute win. He'd be set for life and free to do as he pleases. But that doesn't change the problems that would arise, and it doesn't fix his current situation with Twitch.

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Many people in the comments section of the video in which he talks about the Facebook deal were clear in their stances. There were two sides of people that didn't like Facebook gaming. The majority was about the structure of the site. Dr Disrespect would likely lose a large chunk of his viewer base by moving to Facebook gaming.

The platform is still trying to appeal more to gamers, and it isn't quite at the same stage as YouTube or Twitch. Facebook is very alien compared to those two sites, and they have their own community. Doc would have to restart with a smaller part of his community upon making a move.

Some people dislike Facebook in general, and they expressed that opinion in those comments. It wouldn't be enough to ruin Dr Disrespect's stream, but the number of people who would stop watching him because of Facebook would likely be significant. Doc is a character that thrives off attention and a massive viewer base. Losing the community would also mean losing a lot of himself.

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Moving to Facebook gaming also wouldn't solve his current issues with Twitch. He is still banned and remains unable to stream with other Twitch streamers. Doc has already expressed his concern about that before, and not being able to collaborate with a majority of the live streaming community was already a hit.

However, Dr Disrespect has proven he can thrive and do better than before on YouTube. Doc is already becoming the king of a second platform, and there's a low chance he lets that go to gamble on another one anytime soon.

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