The Dr Disrespect ban order allegedly came directly from the top Twitch executives

(Image Credit: Essentially Sports)
(Image Credit: Essentially Sports)
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The situation between Dr Disrespect and Twitch has become increasingly complicated as time goes on. When the original ban for Dr Disrespect was issued, there was a lot of confusion about how and why the huge streamer was banned at all. Unfortunately, that hasn't changed much at all, and there is still a clouded veil over the situation.

It's also clear at this point in time that the situation is well known by employees who are deeply embedded in Twitch. However, no one is legally allowed to disclose what happened, at least not yet. More information may be available about the ban itself, though.

The Dr Disrespect ban order allegedly came directly from the top Twitch executives

(Image Credit: Dr Disrespect/YouTube)
(Image Credit: Dr Disrespect/YouTube)

In a Reddit thread about other possible Dr Disrespect ban allegations, some possible points about the ban were brought up. A couple of things should be noted, though. First, the thread itself brings up an articles with no claim in facts and is certainly not the point of the separate allegation. The second thing to note is that this allegation is just that. There is no official confirmation on the subject, but it does raise questions.

The allegation in particular brings up what could be an insight into the banning of Dr Disrespect. In the post, the user brings up what they claim is their knowledge of the subject after shutting down the initial post. They claimed that the banning of Dr Disrespect wasn't anything based on strikes after all, and that the ban came from the top executives of Twitch themselves. Apparently, almost everyone has been left in the dark to prevent leaks and rumors about the situation.

So many red flags here. I know people in the industry, and it’s been confirmed by multiple sources that Twitch only allowed a few people to know about the reason - and these people are the very top of Twitch. Meaning, they are on the CEO/ corporate side.

Further in the post, the user continues and claims that the department that handles bans were not the ones to issue the ban for Dr Disrespect. They also were never even consulted on the subject matter, which would coincide with the Twitch executives issuing the ban themselves. The post continues with the idea that if only a few executives who are locked under non-disclosure agreements, then that would explain why all the information has been sealed tight.

Dr Disrespect recently hinted at the real reason he might be banned, which would be based on saving money and signing new streamers. That hint does line up with what this allegation is detailing. Like most information in this case though, nothing is confirmed until Twitch or Dr Disrespect decide to confirm the situation.

Note: The Dr Disrespect ban theories are mostly speculative at this point. The article attempts to combine various sources from around the Internet and subtle hints across various platforms.

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