Dragon Ball Legends new character 'Perfect Cell': Release date, abilities and more

Perfect Cell has arrived in Dragon Ball Legends
Perfect Cell has arrived in Dragon Ball Legends (Image via Bandai Namco Entertainment Inc.)

Perfect Cell, one of the most legendary villains from the Dragon Ball series, is poised to make his dramatic entrance in Dragon Ball Legends as a Legends Limited character. Players can expect a thrilling gameplay experience with this much-anticipated addition, which comes equipped with tremendous combo potential and an explosive strike that maintains true to the character's original series features.

This article will examine the new character's abilities and the release date.

Abilities of Perfect Cell in Dragon Ball Legends

Perfect Cell is intended to be a powerful force across multiple teams in Dragon Ball Legends, appealing to Tags like Regeneration, Future, and Android. This makes him a great teammate for UL Super Saiyan God SS Vegito, LL Piccolo (Power Awakening), and LL Gamma 1 & Gamma 2. Perfect Cell looks to be a good choice for players who enjoy strategic line-ups or releasing destructive strikes.

Here are some of the abilities of the new character in the game:

High Combo potential


One of LL Perfect Form Cell's most notable strengths is his High Combo Potential in Dragon Ball Legends. Perfect Cell's Unique Gauge, which increases over time while on the battlefield, unlocks a slew of strong effects when it reaches its peak. Players can expect improved health and Ki regeneration, increased damage done, and the ability to draw three random cards when they have three or fewer cards in hand. Furthermore, his Arts Card Draw Speed rises, and enemy special cover alterations are negated for a fixed period. The draw speed increases with each Arts Card the enemy uses, making Perfect Cell a devastating counterattack.

When Perfect Cell is defeated, it unleashes an extremely strong strike in Dragon Ball Legends. Unlike earlier characters that dealt harm upon defeat, he takes it to the next level, dealing massive damage. Half of this damage is extended to enemy members on standby, putting the entire enemy party in jeopardy. Furthermore, this strike has a unique secondary effect where it destroys all enemy cards and inflicts "No Switching" for a predetermined amount of time. This strategic approach severely restricts their options and prepares players to grasp victory.

Main Ability

Perfect Cell's skills in Dragon Ball Legends are not confined to fighting. His Primary Ability is a blend of utility and assistance. Perfect Cell allows players to restore their life and Ki while also enabling gradual health restoration for teammates over several timer counts by drawing a Special Move Arts Card and considerably charging the Unique Gauge. This can be a game-changer in vital moments, tipping the tide in the player's favor.

Z Ability


Perfect Cell's Z Abilities enable him to excel in numerous Tags, making him a valuable asset. As his Z Ability develops, he excels with the powerful Future, Regeneration, and Android Tags. This improves his chemistry with his teammates and confirms his place in any competitive squad.

Perfect Cell's one-of-a-kind set of Arts compliments his playstyle even more. With the "Impact" effect on his Strike and Blast Arts, he can recover his own Ki and inflict tremendous Blast damage on an enemy's armor, making him a versatile menace on the battlefield.

Special Move

Perfect Cell's Special Move Arts is a critical time in battle that can turn the tide. It negates the enemy's "Restores health when it reaches 0" effects and can inflict Faint on the enemy depending on the number of combat participants remaining. This deft maneuver can open up prospects for success even in the most difficult situations.

Unique Ability I

Perfect Cell's Unique Abilities provide numerous advantages to the gamer. When defeated, he deals huge Explode damage to the enemy, half impacting enemy members on standby. This devastating assault also destroys all enemy cards, inflicts Attribute Downgrades, and prohibits enemy switching for a predetermined period, crippling the opposition's ability to retaliate.

Perfect Cell charges his Unique Gauge heavily in the early stages of the battle, earning himself an attack benefit, damage reduction, and lower Arts Card prices. Furthermore, he earns an additional damage benefit against the Yellow Element and an additional damage boost if the enemy party is made up entirely of "Saiyan" or "Son Family" characters.

Unique Ability II

Perfect Cell's Unique Ability II adds a specific cover change versus Strike Arts and a charging Unique Gauge on the battlefield in Dragon Ball Legends. He draws up to three new cards when holding three or fewer cards, recovers health and Ki, and increases his damage inflicted and Arts Card Draw Speed when the Unique Gauge reaches its maximum. He also negates enemy special actions that activate when changing cover, allowing for devastating combinations.

Perfect Cell release date in Dragon Ball Legends

Adding LL Perfect Form Cell to Dragon Ball Legends increases the game's excitement and depth. Players can expect exciting battles and engaging team compositions because of his distinct powers and adaptable playstyle. His arrival on July 26, 2023 (UTC) ushers in a new era in Dragon Ball Legends, urging players to embrace the power of the perfect form.

As Perfect Cell takes center stage in Dragon Ball Legends, be ready to unleash your combo potential and relive the legendary battles of the classic series.