"Boohoo cracker": Dream responds to HasanAbi's ban with clip of himself saying the alleged slur

Dream subtly sides with HasanAbi following "cracker" scandal (Image via YouTube/AnthonyPadilla, Instagram/hasandpiker)
Dream subtly sides with HasanAbi following "cracker" scandal (Image via YouTube/AnthonyPadilla, Instagram/hasandpiker)

Popular Minecraft content creator Clay "Dream" is the next figure to throw in his commentary on the "cracker" controversy surrounding streamer Hasan "HasanAbi" Piker.

Following a tweet of HasanAbi's where he clarified the reasoning behind his ban, Dream replied with a clip of himself calling one of his friends a "cracker," taken from one of his Minecraft streams on YouTube.

yes. it is for exactly what you think it is. anti white racism for using the term “cracker.”…

Viewers shade Twitch following YouTube Gaming's "pass" on Dream's usage of "cracker"

Over time, more chatter on HasanAbi's 'cracker scandal' has materialized. In recent news, the political content creator was banned from Twitch for using the term.

Prior to the ban, Twitch had been removing VODs from HasanAbi's streams over the past couple of days, where he used the term often while addressing the controversy and responding to criticism.

HasanAbi clarified the reasoning for his Twitch ban through a tweet made on his account. Dream, who had not spoken on the topic until now, had a simple response to the entire thing.

Dream wordlessly replied to HasanAbi's tweet with a clip of himself taken from one of his streams for the MC (Minecraft) Championship, where he calls his friend a "cracker." According to the YouTuber's stans, this occurred more than a few weeks ago.

Following Dream's tweet, his fans began joking about being careful as Twitch may ban him too. Dream mainly streams on YouTube Gaming, so his fans were generally worry-free because a ban from Twitch won't disrupt the YouTube streams.

@dreamwastaken theyre gonna ban you t- oh wait u dont stream
@dreamwastaken @hasanthehun this was said on a youtube stream, notice how youtube gaming did not do thistake notes twitch /threat
@dreamwastaken @hasanthehun dream please they’re gonna ban you too now
@haligsalt @dreamwastaken @hasanthehun oh no, he won’t be able to stream *checks notes* once a month— oh wait, mcc is on hiatus, once every 3 months
@dreamwastaken @hasanthehun why didn’t you get banned😒
@gracieisnice @dreamwastaken @hasanthehun your first mistake was assuming he streams

QTCinderella, Ethan Klein, Mizkif, Nmplol, and more respond to HasanAbi's ban

News of HasanAbi's ban has caused a wave of reactions among the Twitch community. Many of the content creator's friends responded to HasanAbi's tweet with a mix of hilarity and sincerity.

@hasanthehun can i say cracker as a white man or am i not allowed to say it as a jew? What are the perimeters?
@hasanthehun Hasan am I looking like a snack right now?
@hasanthehun The word "cracker" isn't racist
@hasanthehun c slur above r slur on the tierlist now
Whelp I guess it’s official The C word is real Added another to the list ✍️

Before the ban, streamers like Felix "xQc" Lengyel, Zack "Asmongold," Ali "Myth" Kabbani, and Imane "Pokimane" Anys, among many others, gave their take on the situation.

The drama regarding HasanAbi's usage of "cracker" began after two of his Twitch moderators were banned from using the term while he was watching MasterChef US. For the past few days, HasanAbi has been debating tweets and Reddit posts criticizing him for using the word, alleging it to be a slur.

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