"You dumb cracker bi**h": HasanAbi produces an aggressive reaction to a Redditor who criticized him

HasanAbi retaliated against a Redditor who posted an antagonizing statement related to his video (Image via Google)
HasanAbi retaliated against a Redditor who posted an antagonizing statement related to his video (Image via Google)

Twitch streamer Hasan Piker, known as HasanAbi, recently showed his aggressive side towards a Reddit post where a commenter made a statement relating to a racial slur. In his reaction video, HasanAbi quickly got heated, mocked the Redditor, and questioned the foundation of the statement posted:

"Who are you arguing against? Who asked? Who said this?"
absolutely insane that twitch banned two of my mods for using the word cracker. one of is black and the other is brown. does twitch actually believe cracker is a slur?

HasanAbi is known for his leftist political statements and jumped to defend/cut down the argument he claims is baseless and out of place. Further in the clip, HasanAbi directly insults the Redditor while live.

HasanAbi outraged at incorrect claims over a Reddit thread

In a comment below on Hasan Abi's Normal Slur Defense video, someone made the claim that "the N word is just the word black in Spanish" and tried to stir the pot with the streamer, who then turned around and made sure the world knew how wrong that person is.

"That's not what I said, you dumb cracker bi**h"

The targeted hate that HasanAbi expresses has caught a lot of attention from his followers, fans, and many more. He's known for his political streaming that revolves around controversial topics, but it seems he's not afraid to elevate the situation by returning a spiteful reaction.

absolutely maddening to see someone you once respected for his work w/ whistleblowers use a deceptively edited clip devoid of context to claim that i believe that another publisher of whistleblower docs should go to jail. it’s so sad that glenn has become what he hates.…

HasanAbi uses his influence for political progression at times, drawing much support as well as backfire from anyone who sees his content/statements. This type of reaction is usually frowned upon and lingers close to breaking some of the codes of conduct that Twitch and other platforms use.

"It's not the the video that you refuse to watch."

In his reaction, HasanAbi attacks the Redditor's argument and shows how their claim isn't backed by any sense. The statement presented to oppose the streamer's video doesn't have anything to do with what he's talking about, according to Hasan himself.

Whether any sort of consequence will follow is uncertain, but HasanAbi's reaction is shocking nonetheless and grabs the attention of anyone who's exposed to it.

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