"Let me live my life": Pokimane gets called out for dating HasanAbi, explains her side of story

Pokimane and HasanAbi have both refuted claims of the two being in a relationship.
Pokimane and HasanAbi have both refuted claims of the two being in a relationship.

During a recent stream, Imane “Pokimane” Anys talked about her relationship rumors with Hasan “HasanAbi” Piker and accused her chat of being “weird” everytime she hangs out with someone.

Pokimane and HasanAbi have often been accused of being in a relationship, with fans speculating that the two have secretly been seeing each other in the past. Back in June 2019, Pokimane was part of a Dimitri “Greekgodx” Raymondo Antonatos’ stream.

She was asked to react to a series of memes, with one suggesting a “secret relationship” between her and HasanAbi. Pokimane called the meme gross and shut down the rumors.

In June 2020, HasanAbi was accused of "hiding his relationship with Pokimane" by a fan. The streamer reacted in a similar manner, and called people "nuts" for not letting go of the story. During a recent live stream, Pokimane also appeared tired of the rumors and called out her viewers.

Pokimane calls out Twitch chat for linking her with HasanAbi

The two content creators have often been accused of hiding their “relationship” in the past. Pokimane said the following when she was confronted by the meme in 2019:

“I’m sorry, this is really gross. I really don’t like this. Ehh…. nu-uh. You know, I actually tried… to separate myself from people once all that started happening. It was just gross.”

Back then, HasanAbi’s reaction to her comments was as “emotional” by part of his audience. He simply muttered the word “cool” and then went on to look at his phone for quite some time. In May 2019, Twitch streamer InvaderVie had also claimed that HasanAbi and Pokimane were getting physical “behind the scenes.” Pokimane responded to the streamer’s comments sternly on Reddit:

A reply on Reddit by Pokimane Image via Pokimane, Reddit
A reply on Reddit by Pokimane Image via Pokimane, Reddit

Of course, Hasanabi has also seen quite a few of his fans accuse him of hiding his relationship with Pokimane. During a June 2019 broadcast, he received a message from a viewer and responded rather sternly:

“Lol, you and Poki just got back at the same time. 9 PM last night. Lol you should just make it less obvious that you met up. I took a screenshot of this, because I was like, “What the f**k is this bro?” Are you insane? The only other person I’ve seen outside of these f**king protests have been Will and my brother. These guys are insane, dude. What the f**k are they doing? If they’re doing this to me, okay, someone who Imane has appeared on the stream of, like, f***ing a year ago, what the f**k are they doing to her, or all of the other friends she lives with and s**t? These people are nuts, dude.”

Regardless, it appears as if the long-time story has not died down yet. During a recent stream, Pokimane saw a message she had received from a fan talking about her "former relationship" with HasanAbi. Needless to say, the streamer seemed displeased as she has had to shut down the same rumors in the past as well:

“This is so f***ing gross, and untrue. Every single time I hang out with someone, some of you all are so weird, okay? Let me live my life and be friends with who I want without assuming (stuff).”

Pokimane appears to be tired of the rumors linking her with HasanAbi and said that she only wants to be "friends with whoever she wants."

The same appears to be true for HasanAbi who has maintained that the two creators were never together. Regardless, it will be interesting to see whether the story truly dies out.

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