Dream's face reveal memes: YouTuber's face reveal has Twitter buzzing

Why has the internet trolled Dream? (Image via Sportskeeda)
Why has the internet trolled Dream? (Image via Sportskeeda)

Popular Minecraft content creator Clay "Dream" recently unmasked himself in front of millions within the gaming community. He was one of the few creators who kept his identity hidden.

Considering the streamer has over 30 million subscribers on his main channel, fans flocked to social media platforms to discuss the much-awaited reveal. However, some internet users did not fancy Clay's appearance. This has led to a flurry of trolls and memes subjected to the creator's face.

Although looks can be an arbitrary component, the trolls have perhaps stemmed from an exalted expectation. Many have also found the exaggerated hype around the face reveal silly and juvenile.

Dream's face reveals two sides of the internet

As stated earlier, the Minecraft star is among the most recognizable names within the gaming community. The creator took refuge in anonymity for several years until earlier this week. His face turned out to be one of the most significant internet events of the year.

This has generated polar opposite responses from the community. While a large section of fans and creators have relished the face reveal, there remains a minority who were oddly displeased.

Regardless of the heap of trolls, Dream's fan base was by and large behind the creator's decision to unveil himself. Fellow Minecraft YouTuber GeorgeNotFound, also a close associate of Clay, shared a tweet lauding the latter's brave decision.

Dream has been veiled for many years due to fears of losing his privacy. Although being famous on the internet has its perks, it also brings about a lot of unnecessary attention and added pressure. This tends to dampen the mental fortitude of an individual. Tiktokers, YouTubers, and Twitch streamers are often subjected to mockery or toxicity from netizens.

Many also believe that the internet has been conditioned into only perceiving certain qualities as "pretty" or "handsome." While in reality, appearance is a trait that no one can regulate.

Speaking about the abject reaction to the face reveal, Twitch streamer Keffals took to her Twitter account to state the obvious. She wrote:

Other users also shared their opinions. According to this user, "going after" someone else's looks is an odd reaction:

This user stated that many people have mindlessly worded tweets that may adversely affect the creator's mental well-being. She wrote:

Looking at the meme reactions flood the internet, other creators who may have planned to do a face reveal might be deterred. Dream was not the only major creator to have remained anonymous. Other social media stars such as Corpse Husband, Memeulous, and VTubers such as Ironmouse and Gawr Gura have all stayed faceless for the entirety of their online careers.

Many streamers are expected to be tempted to uncover themselves following Clay's arrival in mainstream media. To this, Dream himself has sent an encouraging message. According to the 23-year-old YouTuber, anyone can be a "Dream" since the mask represents inclusivity.