Dying Light 2 Stay Human: Every confirmed detail and new addition

Image via Techland
Image via Techland

After a long silence, Dying Light 2 finally released a new game trailer, confirming its arrival. The sequel to Dying Light will launch for all platforms on December 7th with new features and additions for players to explore.

The story runs players through the shoes of Aiden Caldwell, an outside man from the world of the first game. Throughout the sequel, players unravel the mystery of Aiden's past that sends him to the City to follow his past.


Dying Light 2 confirmed additions

Set 15 years after the start of the apocalypse, Dying Light 2 plunges into the modern Dark Ages in terms of technology and safety. Much like the first Dark Ages, resources are killed over for, crimes are punished by death and strength rules all politics.

As the trailer announces, three factions compete for survival in the City with different styles of governing.

The Survivors

Image via Techland
Image via Techland

The Survivors are a group of people who rely on adapting to the world as it changes through hard work and wisely built safe zones. They can be found all throughout the City, usually trapped by the infected.

Survivors in Dying Light 2 can offer quests for players, rewarding them with cash and experience. They can also appear to be hostile instead of friendly in certain situations.

The Peacekeepers

Image via Techland
Image via Techland

Law and order reigns through Dying Light 2's second faction, the Peacekeepers. They use their strength and soldier-like nature to trample anyone in their way. Much of their way of life skips over traditional judicial aspects and sprints to aggression and death of the weak.

This faction maintains a healthy network of professional soldiers to secure resources and emit their dominating presence to opposing factions. Despite the totalitarian appearance, Peacekeepers claim they want what is best for mankind and work towards a better future.

The Renegades

Image via Techland
Image via Techland

Led by their fiersome Colonel, the Renegades are a group of ex-cons that seek to become the only faction in the City. They rival everyone and use brutal tactics to gain the advantage.

Unlike the Peacekeepers, it's clear that this faction's goal isn't the betterment of humanity. All of their power lies with the top dog, but their cut-throat nature spreads through the ranks.

Choosing sides

As the story progresses, the player can help or harm any of the three factions to alter the world how they see fit. Every action by any of the groups has consequences on how the City evolves.

Each Dying Light 2 faction raises benefits and deficits. They have complicated characters for Aiden to interact with. Whether logical decisions or good-natured outcomes are favored, the player has choices.


Image via Techland
Image via Techland

As expected, night time in Dying Light 2 is essentially death at every corner. Hordes of the Infected stumble out at night to hunt for any unfortunate soul caught out from the safety of the UV lights.

Years of evolution in the infected hordes brought about nightmarish enemies. Scaling the city's rooftops is the safest option at night, but the infected will still hunt you at any cost.

However, night time in Dying Light 2 brings a bountiful reward for daring players. The nests, where the Infected hide during the day, are empty, giving careful players the opportunity to score worthwhile loot.

Gameplay shifts

Image via Techland
Image via Techland

Aiden's parkour skills are an essential part of survival in Dying Light 2. Players can use his incredible athleticism to skirt past the Infected, sneak behind enemy lines, and discover hard-to-reach locations.

Techland spent a good chunk of time upgrading the combat experience from their previous game. Players in Dying Light 2 can lean towards aggressive, head-on combat skills or utilize their mobility to outlast opponents. Tools and unique weapons can also be crafted to gain the upper hand in any situation.

Every choice matters in Dying Light 2. Every turn of stone, befriending of an ally or death of an enemy can alter the narrative.

Players have the ultimate freedom to do what they choose and shape the City. All of this centers on one goal throughout the game: survival.