Dying Light 2 teases May 27 livestream reveal

More info about Dying Light 2 will be revealed in Techland's livestream (Image via Techland)
More info about Dying Light 2 will be revealed in Techland's livestream (Image via Techland)

Dying Light 2’s developer-publisher Techland will announce new information about the game on May 27th at 12:00 pm PT / 3:00 pm ET / 12:30 am IST. As video game fans worldwide await the reveal of their favorite games in E3 2021, Techland’s announcement comes as an early surprise.

After long delays and reports of studio turbulence in Techland, fans were somewhat uncertain of Dying Light 2’s release this year. But the livestream teaser will hopefully comfort gamers who are waiting to get their hands on the sequel.

Techland announced livestream which will show more info about Dying Light 2

Techland sent an email to the press today which, in an in-universe tone, teased the announcement of the livestream. The email was titled “Distress – The City Under Siege”. It read:


Remember Harran? Who could forget…

But The City is our refuge now, and it needs your help.

There’s so much for you to know, and so little time, but these clues can’t fall into the wrong hands.

Find somewhere safe and play this message. You’re our last chance for survival.

Above all…”

The teaser video is attached underneath.


While Techland has not come out with a release date for the highly-anticipated title, they recently said they are aiming for a 2021 release.

Dying Light 2 was first announced in E3 2018 with a trailer video. It promised to have lots of room for player choices, and the gameworld would be majorly shaped by the consequences of those choices.


The first Dying Light was the crown gem among the sea of zombie games at that time. Its fluid parkour mechanics, expansive open world and compelling story garnered a lot of praise. It paved the way for the sequel, which is even larger in scope.

The livestream will be shown on Techland's Twitch channel. This will definitely set the mood for fans worldwide who are also awaiting a slew of other exciting titles in the E3 2021 season.

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