EA Sports FC confirms official logo, rumored to have an earlier launch than next FIFA entry

EA Sports FC might get an earlier release than FIFA (Images via EA and FIFA)
EA Sports FC might get an earlier release than FIFA (Images via EA and FIFA)

With EA finally announcing its official logo for EA Sports FC, there has been a fair bit of excitement amongst fans as to what they can expect from the new franchise.

The publishers rebranding of FIFA has been met with a fair bit of mixed responses from the community. While not a lot of fans are happy with how the new logo has turned out, the reception to the news as well as the rebranding has been fairly positive in recent weeks.

One question that has been circulating among fans is when will they be able to finally try the game out for themselves. While EA is yet to provide an official release date for the title, speculations and alleged leaks in social media suggests that EA Sports FC might just get a release before the next FIFA game.

According to the community leaker who goes by the Twitter handle of “FUTZone - #FIFA23 News:

“EA SPORTS FC is set to be released earlier than usual FIFA titles this year. There will be more partnerships than ever this year. More to follow. Official news should follow in May/June.”

What to expect from EA Sports FC?

While not a lot of official news is out on EA Sports FC, there has been a fair bit of community speculation and alleged leaks. One of the most popular speculations is the arrival of the dynamic odds system for packs.

According to sources online, the feature will allow players to start with a certain number of items to look for a particular item. If they don’t get it, the amount of loot will stack up, however, as of now it’s unclear if it will compound infinitely or if there will be an upper cap that they hit.

But many in the community seem to be speculating that there might just be a bonus added to it, and stacking up on these items could be something rather lucrative.

However, these rumors and speculations are made with an early build of the game in mind. Whatever was speculated to have been in the alpha test might not be what translates to the official title later this year.

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