Twitch streamer Esfand falls for a viewer’s prank as he clicks link to "leaked Blizzard new IP"

Esfand falls for a fake link sent by a viewer (Image via Sportskeeda)
Esfand falls for a fake link sent by a viewer (Image via Sportskeeda)
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On Esfand's latest stream, a viewer sent a misleading link with the promise of new leaked information on the next Blizzard game.

Esfand is a variety streamer who is a member of the streaming organization One True King (OTK). He made a recent appearance on Mizkif's show Parasocial, where he impersonated the streamer Scarra in a hilarious fashion.

During his latest stream, he was reading an article about an absurd trend with NFT's when a viewer sent him a link with a message promising a new leak from Blizzard game studios that hinted at a new game in the works. He read the message and clicked on it, hoping to see the news from the massive game company:

"Leaked Blizzard new IP?"

Esfand fooled by his audience once again by clicking on link

He clicked on the link and pulled up the YouTube video, and saw two people in Spiderman outfits slapping each other's butts. He realized that he's been tricked and closed out of the video, sighing in disappointment:

"Okay, okay."

This isn't the first time the streamer has fallen for clicking on this video, and he has done so many times within the last year. This has been a joke within his community to try and get the streamer to click on the link ever since he first fell for it. His viewers have become more creative with how they present the link, trying to bait him into clicking on the video without him realizing what it is.

But no matter how many times the streamer falls for it, he never seems to learn his lesson, allowing his viewers to take advantage of his gullible nature over and over again.

Reddit users shared their reactions to the clip, with some saying they've seen him fall for the trick multiple times.

With how much Esfand falls for this prank, one would assume he's got to be doing this on purpose. However, whether or not he's falling for it on purpose doesn't affect the hilarity of his reactions to the strange video every time he sees it.

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