“Maybe we roll it”: Twitch streamer Esfand ‘rolls’ his new $20,000 PC up the stairs

Esfand decides to roll his brand new $20,000 up the stairs (Image via Sportskeeda)
Esfand decides to roll his brand new $20,000 up the stairs (Image via Sportskeeda)
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Esfand, a member of the streaming organization One True King (OTK), successfully got his new $20,000 computer, albeit in a very unorthodox manner. His idea was to 'roll' the box up the stairs, and it surprisingly worked.

The immensely popular streamer announced today on Twitter that his new PC had arrived and that he would stream the entire process of putting it together, including bringing the 180-pound package up the stairs.


Esfand successfully rolls $20,000 PC up the stairs

Despite Esfand's delight at getting a new PC, fans immediately questioned its weight and price. Many wondered why anyone would need to spend such an extravagant amount.

Some even joked about how the streamer usually plays games that take very little computing power, so having such an expensive computer would be overkill.

@EsfandTV 180 lbs?? what did you buy? a son? or a pc running with an oompa loompa fixing stuff inside.

Nonetheless, fans still watched Esfand set up his camera on his banaster overlooking the staircase as he had to transport the PC. Him and a friend picked up the box and started climbing the stairs, attempting not to scratch the walls of the house.

Less than halfway up, they decided to put the box down and re-evaluate how they were going to continue carrying this heavy package.

"Um... Hold on, maybe we roll it?"

The idea was to 'roll' the box up each step instead of carrying it, making it much easier to move. The method was working extremely well, as the box was going up the stairs without much effort.

However, Esfand heard strange sounds coming from the box, causing him to become worried that it would break open. He subsequently dropped the brand new PC down the stairs.

"Is it breaking?! It feels like it's breaking!"

Esfand was then assured that the box was fine, and they kept 'rolling' it up the stairs, eventually reaching the top. This surprisingly successful tactic of 'rolling' seemed to be the best way of getting the package upstairs with minimal effort.

Fans chime in on Esfand's PC struggles

However, the internet realized that a much easier way of transporting it would have been to open the package and bring the PC up the stairs, as it was much smaller than the cardboard box. A few even offered alternatives to their method of carrying.

Suffice to say, the internet has answers and opinions for everything.

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