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Every Ranked Mode Series Reward in COD Mobile Season 11

(Image Credit: Gfinity Esports)
(Image Credit: Gfinity Esports)
Modified 15 Oct 2020, 04:47 IST

COD Mobile Season 10 is going on, and players still have some time left to unlock the rest of the Battle Pass. With this season of COD Mobile having only a short amount of time left, players can now see what's to come after a batch of new leaks for Season 11 of COD Mobile

The Battle Pass trailer that leaked, which is focused around the idea of an anniversary for COD Mobile, showed off the new Battle Pass for Season 11, as well as the ranked rewards for Ranked Series 7.

Every Ranked Mode Series Reward in COD Mobile Season 11

There isn't a ton of information on the specifics of Ranked Series 7 that will be a part of COD Mobile Season 11. However, there are some smaller details, including what the Ranked Series 7 rewards will entail.

Season 11 of COD Mobile will feature the ranked series, that runs from October to an unannounced time in December of 2020. For players who are looking forward to the rewards, there are two separate sets of them.

The first set is the multiplayer ranked rewards. There are 4 rewards in total for multiplayer. Of the 4 of them, 2 are less prominent and those are the Series 7 weapon charm, along with the steeled frame. They look great but aren't as captivating as the next two, which are both weapon skins. The two weapon skins are the Royal Flush camo for the Echo and the Dealer camo for the Kilo Bolt Action rifle.

The second set of ranked rewards for COD Mobile Season 11 is for the Battle Royale game mode. Like the multiplayer set, there are 4 in total and 2 of them seem to be less prominent. The first 2 are a Ranked Series 7 avatar and a Ranked Series 7 calling card. Players will surely want those though, considering they display what they were able to earn in ranked modes. The other 2 rewards are a Royal Flush Baseball Bat and a skin for T.E.D.D the bus driver called "Where to Sir?"

Leaks for Season 11 of COD Mobile are promising so far and are sure to get fans of the game ready for the upcoming rewards. On top of the rewards of course, is a brand new Battle Pass for players to grind out in Season 11. Halloween is right around the corner too, which means further additional content, such as a Halloween themed Standoff map.

Published 15 Oct 2020, 04:47 IST
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