Every Season 1 Battle Pass reward in MultiVersus

Official artwork for MultiVersus (Image via Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment)
Official artwork for MultiVersus (Image via Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment)

With the open beta for MultiVersus being as successful as it is, the team behind the game has finally decided to roll out the Battle Pass for the first season. However, many players may be on the fence about whether or not the purchase will be worth the money. After all, why buy the Battle Pass if it has bad prizes?

For the uninitiated, Battle Passes are features typically brought into free-to-play online titles as a way to reward players with exclusive items and cosmetics for consistently playing the game. Rather than requiring players to spend $5 on a skin, they can spend around $10 on average to earn the skin and much more.

So what about MultiVersus? Given that the game is fairly new, the developers must have learned what makes a Battle Pass worth it for players by observing older titles.

With this in mind, we can begin to look into the game's first-ever Battle Pass to see what premium rewards players will be earning through it.

MultiVersus has a free and premium Battle Pass

An overview of Multiversus' Season 1 Battle Pass (Image via Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment)
An overview of Multiversus' Season 1 Battle Pass (Image via Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment)

Before going into the premium rewards, players should be aware that MultiVersus does offer a free Battle Pass that all players have by default. While the rewards earned through this pass are lower in quality, players are rewarded through the free pass more often than in other games, which is refreshing to see.

This Battle Pass has also had its fair bit of controversy because it lacks any Gleamium, the game's premium currency. Typically, games with official Battle Passes offer players a way to earn some of this premium currency.

Let us now take a look at the various rewards that players will receive by playing MultiVersus and leveling up their Battle Pass.

First, here is a list of rewards players can earn for leveling up the free pass:

  1. Profile Icon 20 Minutes Adventure (Rick & Morty)
  2. Gold x250
  3. Badge Double Ringouts
  4. Nothing
  5. Profile Icon Bat Emblem (DC Comics)
  6. Toasts x5
  7. Banner Danger: High Voltage
  8. Nothing
  9. Profile Icon Nymeria (Game of Thrones)
  10. Gold x250
  11. Nothing
  12. Sticker 100%
  13. Nothing
  14. Nothing
  15. Profile Icon Reindog Heart (Reindog)
  16. XP Boost
  17. Nothing
  18. Banner – Mistakes Were Made
  19. Badge Ringout Leader
  20. Nothing
  21. Toasts x5
  22. Nothing
  23. Banner Zanifeer’s Last Hope (Reindog)
  24. Nothing
  25. Profile Icon Pink Diamond Gem (Steven Universe)
  26. Nothing
  27. XP Boost
  28. Nothing
  29. Gold x250
  30. Badge Highest Damage Dealt
  31. Nothing
  32. Banner Ghosts in Them There Hills
  33. Nothing
  34. Gold x250
  35. Toasts x5
  36. Nothing
  37. Gold x250
  38. Nothing
  39. Banner Braavos (Game of Thrones)
  40. Nothing
  41. Profile Icon I’m Pickle Rick (Rick & Morty)
  42. Toasts x5
  43. Nothing
  44. Sticker Fire
  45. Gold x250
  46. Nothing
  47. Ringout VFX Soothing Energy
  48. Toasts x5
  49. Nothing
  50. Variant – LeBron James I’m Freakin’ Robin

For players wanting to know what MultiVersus' premium Battle Pass has to offer, here is a list of every prize the player can earn from leveling it up:

  1. Variant – Taz Tune Squad ’96
  2. Taunt – Reindog – Yawn
  3. XP Boost
  4. Toasts x10
  5. StickerFinn Happy
  6. BannerThe Daily Planet (DC Comics)
  7. Ringout VFXSun Scream (Rick & Morty)
  8. Taunt – SupermanHover
  9. Toasts x10
  10. BannerMystery Inc (Scooby-Doo)
  11. Variant – Harley QuinnTask Force X
  12. XP Boost
  13. BannerHouse Stark (Game of Thrones)
  14. Toasts x10
  15. StickerHarley Mad
  16. Taunt – Iron GiantTease
  17. Banner Jinkies! G-G-Ghost! (Scooby-Doo)
  18. Ringout VFX Green Lantern Finish (DC Comics)
  19. XP Boost
  20. Variant – GarnetFlashback Garnet
  21. BannerMerry Melodies (Looney Tunes)
  22. Taunt – Shaggy Kung Fu
  23. Toasts x10
  24. Banner – Wonder Woman (DC Comics)
  25. Ringout VFX – Gossamer (Looney Tunes)
  26. XP Boost
  27. Banner – The Caped Crusader (DC Comics)
  28. Toasts x10
  29. Taunt – Steven Universe – Wipe Gem
  30. Sticker – Jake Sweat
  31. Banner – The Man of Steel (DC Comics)
  32. XP Boost
  33. Toasts x10
  34. Ringout VFX – Gem Bubbles (Steven Universe)
  35. Banner – Leader of the Pack
  36. Sticker – Velma Surprised
  37. Taunt – LeBron James – Silencer
  38. Sticker – Batman Neutral
  39. Ringout VFX – Mushroom Explosion
  40. Toasts x10
  41. Banner – A Universe of Potential
  42. Variant – Tom & Jerry – Detectives Tom & Jerry
  43. Ringout VFX – Say Your Prayers, Varmint! (Looney Tunes)
  44. Taunt – Jake – Dance
  45. Sticker – Bugs Bunny Hearts
  46. Taunt – Harley Quinn – Mallet Pose
  47. Toasts x10
  48. Banner – Boo-t of Armor (Scooby-Doo)
  49. Ringout VFX – Deploy Batwing (DC Comics)
  50. Variant – Bugs Bunny – Brunhilde Bugs

Overall, the lack of premium currency in the MultiVersus Battle Pass is a bit disappointing. However, all the different skins that players can earn make it worth the money. This is especially true when players consider how much it would cost to purchase each of these skins individually.

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