Every sport coming to Nintendo Switch Sports

The promotional image for Nintendo Switch Sports (Image via Nintendo)
The promotional image for Nintendo Switch Sports (Image via Nintendo)
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Nintendo Switch Sports will be the spiritual successor to the fan-favorite Wii Sports.

Announced on the February 9, 2022 Nintendo Direct stream, the new sports title will make use of the Joy Con motion controls and include several sports for players to dive right into.


There will be six total sports to play, with a seventh coming in a free Fall 2022 update. With the ability to add content and update games at any time, there could easily be more downloaded spots in the future.

All sports coming to Nintendo Switch Sports

Meet a new iteration of the Wii Sports series, #NintendoSwitchSports! Play motion-controlled sports such as Bowling, Tennis, & Chambara as well as 3 new sports:⚽️ Soccer 🏐 Volleyball🏸 BadmintonAlso enjoy online play across all sports! Nintendo Switch Sports launches 4/29.

Nintendo Switch Sports will launch exclusively for the Nintendo Switch on April 29, 2022. Six sports will be available from the beginning and Fall 2022 will see an additional sport added to the game.

Here are all seven sports that are confirmed to be included at some point:

  • Soccer: Soccer will operate in the traditional sense of the game, but will use a gigantic ball. It is primarly button controlled. There is a mode that allows players to attach the Joy Con to a leg strap (that comes with a physical copy of the game) to actually kick the ball.
  • Volleyball: Several Joy Con movements are available for Volleyball to serve, bop, set, and spike the ball.
  • Bowling: Bowling returns with a similiar style to the Wii Sports edition. The Joy Con can be used to roll the ball straight or on a curve.
  • Tennis: Tennis will allow players to swing the Joy Con to hit the ball over the net rather than only rely on button input.
  • Badminton: Badminton will work similar to tennis. Players can use the Joy Con to swat the shuttlecock.
  • Chambara: Chambara is a type of swordplay. Players can use the Joy Con to slash or defend with the goal of pushing their opponent back and off of the platform.
  • Golf: Golf is the sport arriving in the free Fall 2022 update. Not much else is known currently, but it will use Joy Con controls as well.
Wii Sports walked so Nintendo Switch Sports could run.

There are some notable sports missing from Nintendo Switch Sports that were in the various Wii Sports titles. Future updates could see the likes of boxing, baseball, basketball, and more return.

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