Everything to know about Clippy coming to Halo Infinite

Would you like some assistance? (Image via Microsoft)
Would you like some assistance? (Image via Microsoft)
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Halo Infinite features a truly staggering mountain of unlockable cosmetics that players can outfit their Spartans with. From skins to trinkets, every player can enter battle with a wholly unique warrior if they choose to.

Most of the more comical options for cosmetics in the game are references to earlier titles in the franchise. However, the game has advertised a future unlockable that stands as a monument to a forgotten hero in Microsoft history, Clippy.

What is Clippy? How is it connected to Halo Infinite?

Circa 2000 (Image via Microsoft)
Circa 2000 (Image via Microsoft)

Microsoft's Office Assistant program takes the form of a talking paperclip called Clippit, commonly referred to as Clippy. The default character, who gave advice on writing letters in Word, was introduced in Windows 97 and refined in Windows 2000.

The character and concept were weirdly despised by users, which led to its removal in Office 2007. Absence helped the heart grow fonder, however, and the character was brought back in the form of an emoji in 2021. Now, it's coming to Halo Infinite.

Clippy items in Halo Infinite

Clippy will be represented in a nameplate and a series of sprays that can be placed on Spartans or vehicles. It's also available as a gun charm, hanging the little assistant off the side of a favored firearm.

Currently, there is no way of knowing exactly how to unlock the items, all of which are referred to as Clipster. The items are visible in the customization menus, but they are all labeled as "Currently Unavailable." They can't be purchased or acquired just yet, but they'll be on their way sooner or later.

It's impossible to say when the items will be made available or what will be required to get them. It's very likely, given Halo Infinite's history, that the items will be made available for purchase from the in-game store.

The average charm bundle runs a user around $15, making that a fairly safe bet as to the cost of the Clippy items. When they do become available, players will likely be able to buy them right away.

Fans seem excited to see Clippy return to the franchise and to the public consciousness. The character was featured on some cosmetic options for Halo 5 as well.

Halo Infinite will continue to update its long list of cosmetics as season 2 rolls on. Fans will have to wait and see what gets added to Spartan armor next.

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