Everything to know about Pokemon GO Battle League Season 7

Image Via Niantic
Image Via Niantic
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The Season of Legends in Pokemon GO starts next week, which means Season 7 of the Pokemon GO Battle League is around the corner as well. Players can expect some new cups and a few changes to the formula.

Season 7 of the Pokemon GO Battle League will begin on March 1, at 1 pm PST. Once the new season begins, Pokemon GO battlers can expect their Season 6 rewards, like an Elite Fast TM. Star Dust bonuses are also very likely. On that day, ranks and ratings for the Pokemon GO Battle League will also reset.

Aside from resets, there is also a schedule of cups for players to look forward to in the Pokemon GO Battle League. Season 7 will begin with the Great League, as usual, and every couple of weeks, the cup will change.

Leagues and Cups to expect for Season 7 of the Pokemon GO Battle League

Image Via Niantic
Image Via Niantic

Each Pokemon GO League and Cup for Season 7

  • Cup 1 - Great League runs from March 1 - March 15.
  • Cup 2 - Ultra League runs from March 15 - March 29.
  • Cup 3 - Master League runs from March 29 - April 5.
  • Cup 4 - All three Leagues will run together from April 5 - April 12.
  • Cup 5 - Great League and a new Cup called the Great League Remix will run from April 12 - April 26.
  • Cup 6 - Ultra League and the Premier Cup version will run from April 26 - May 10.
  • Cup 7 - Master League, a Master League Classic, and a Retro Cup will run from May 10 - May 17.
  • Cup 8 - All three Leagues will run again from May 17 - May 24
  • Cup 9 - At this point ranked play will end and the Kanto Cup will run from May 24 - May 31.

The only changes in Cups for Season 7 appear to be the Retro Cup and the Great League Remix. However, that could change with event if Niantic holds anything special in Pokemon GO.

Changes and Rewards in Season 7 of the Pokemon GO Battle League


Rankings will work essentially the same as last season. Players can expect to level up from 1-20 in Leagues, and there will be a couple of special ranks after those are reached.

One of the most notable aspects of the ranks is the rewards. From 1-15, there is a new rotation of Pokemon to earn from playing in Leagues. But reaching level 20 gives players the ability to catch Legendary Pokemon from raids happening at the time.

Beyond level 20, there is Ace rank which will offer up Deino as a catch reward. Then there is Pikachu Libre at the Legend Rank. If one thing is sure, Pokemon GO Battle League players will surely want to reach level 20, at least for those Legendary rewards.

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