Season of Legends set to arrive in Pokemon GO next week

The new Season of Legends in Pokemon GO is set to begin next week (Image via Niantic)
The new Season of Legends in Pokemon GO is set to begin next week (Image via Niantic)
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Pokemon GO has a new season around the corner called the Season of Legends.

As the Season of Celebration comes to a close with the Kanto Tour, players have a new pipeline of content to look forward to.

The new Season of Legends in Pokemon GO is set to begin next week on Monday, March 1. Each season has a new theme that dictates the events and the content that players can expect from the game. During the Season of Celebration, events were based on celebrating each region on an almost weekly basis until the festivities reached Kanto with the tour event.

Starting next week, the theme will be based around the legends of the Pokemon franchise, which means both Legendary Pokemon and Legendary Trainers in the series. The season can be expected to run from Monday until June 1, when yet another season will begin in Pokemon GO.

Some of the Legendary Pokemon that will kick off the Season of Legends are the Therian forms of Landorus, Tornadus and Thundurus. It's likely that the Therian forms will appear in raids like their counterparts and so many other Legendary Pokemon.

Other Legendary Pokemon are slated to appear with debuts, but no names have been dropped by Niantic yet.

A new Season and Pokemon rotations in Pokemon GO Season of Legends


A new season in Pokemon GO also means a new rotation of Pokemon that can be expected in the wild and in eggs that are hatched by players. Most notably, real-world conditions, such as the seasons, will have more of an effect on the Pokemon that appear. That's always been the case for the most part, but it is mentioned as a specific addition for this upcoming season.

Different exclusive Pokemon will also appear based on the hemisphere, North or South, that players are in. The exclusivity has been expanded, and even starters will be region-based. Sinnoh starters will appear in the Northern hemisphere while Unova starters will appear in the Southern hemisphere.

The Pokemon GO League will also be getting a new season, which is Season 7. Much of it is business as usual, but there are a few significant changes. Some new cups will move in and out depending on events. Players can go to rank 20 in order to have access to new cosmetics and rare Pokemon.

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