Everything we know about Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

The new Pokemon is on its way (Image via Nintendo)
The new Pokemon is on its way (Image via Nintendo)

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet ring in the ninth generation of this unstoppable franchise. The games were announced as part of the February 27 Pokemon Presents event, which played out like a franchise-focused Nintendo Direct.

Only a few details have been released in the cinematic live-action trailer, but additional information can be gleaned. While there's no known release date, the game is aimed to drop sometime later this year.

The Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Trailer


Claiming a dominating role on YouTube's trending page, Pokemon Scarlet and Violet dropped a three-minute trailer just after the presentation. It depicts a cop investigating a mysterious office building that is revealed to hold the Game Freak office. The office unveils a brief trailer, showing off semi-new graphics, new locations, and new Pokemon.

Large beautiful cities give way to natural wooded forests. The new region's name hasn't been revealed yet, but it is in keeping with the traditional theme of being inspired by real places. The game's region seems heavily inspired by Spain and the larger Iberian Peninsula.

The Pokemon that pop up in the trailer span a variety of regions:

  • Psyduck from Kanto
  • Combee from Sinnoh
  • Larvitar from Johto
  • Clauncher from Kalos
  • Pelipper from Hoenn
  • Stonjourner from Galar and many more.

Though Pokemon representing every generation will likely appear, it is unlikely that the game will include all 900+ existing creatures.

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Starters

Meet the new starters (Image via The Pokemon Company)
Meet the new starters (Image via The Pokemon Company)

The big draw of the game reveal is the traditional grass, fire, and water types that players will begin their adventure with. Fans have only just met the trio, but many are already taken with their favorites, and strong alliances have been formed.

First up is Sprigatitio; a combination of sprigs, a small leafy stem, and gatito, the Spanish word for kitten. This green feline has already established itself as a fan favorite, racking up plenty of fan art.

Generation nine's fire starter is Fuecoco, probably a portmanteau of fuego and cocodrilo. He's a bipedal fire crocodile that looks a bit like a spicy pepper and a bit like a dinosaur from Bubble Bobble.

Finally, Quaxly is the game's water starter and he's full of questions. His name is probably a combination of quack and wax, with some additional consonants to add spice.

His personality is well-communicated by his design, but fans are torn over just what is on his head. Some say it's a Donald Duck-Esque beret, while others believe it to be a Space Dandy level pompadour haircut.

Each ability granted to these Pokemon is a standard issue for starters. Each grants 50% damage on moves of their type when the Pokemon is below 30% HP. Though there's still plenty to learn about Sprigatito, Fuecoco, and Quaxly, Pokemon Scarlet and Violet have made a strong first impression.

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