Everything fans need to know about the Pokemon GO "Searching for Legends" event

Image Via Niantic
Image Via Niantic

It's the beginning of March and that means Pokemon GO has started the Season of Legends, which will hold events such as Searching for Legends.

Though the new Season technically started on March 1st, players will need to wait a week before the first real event goes live.

Pokemon GO players can expect to see the event go live on March 9, at 10:00 am local time. The event will then run until March 14, till around the same time.

The Season of Legends is centered around the idea of Legendary characters in the series as well as Pokemon themselves. In that sense, Searching for Legends initiates Pokemon GO players into the theme by having players search for Legendary Pokemon. It's a perfect opportunity to get even more Legendary Pokemon in the future, especially for players who are adamant on completing their Pokedex.

To find the desired Pokemon or go Searching for Legends, Pokemon GO players will utilize the compass Pokemon, Nosepass. Players will be required to capture one before participating in a research.

The Pokemon which first appeared in Generation III will be spawning at much higher rates around the Pokemon GO world. If players are lucky enough, they'll be able to encounter a shiny version of the Pokemon as well. With enough encounters, it's certainly likely to happen.

Raids during the Searching for Legends event in Pokemon GO


With the main theme of the Season of Legends being, of course, Legendaries, players should expect the raids to rotate a good amount in the coming months. March will kick that off with the Forces of Nature appearing in raids for around 6 weeks.

Incarnate Form Landorus is the first of the trio to appear in raids for March and that will end on March 6. During the Searching for Legends event in Pokemon GO, Incarnate Form Tornadus and Incarnate Form Thundurus will also be rotating in and out of raids.

After the event is over, the Therian forms of the Forces of Nature will be making their way into Pokemon GO for the first time ever. Each of the trio will have their own week, where players can raid for a chance to catch them in an encounter.

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