Everything revealed by EA about Battlefield Mobile battle royale

Battlefield Mobile due for launch in 2022 (Image via EA)
Battlefield Mobile due for launch in 2022 (Image via EA)

In a blog post, the General Manager of DICE, Oskar Gabrielsonvia, announced that a new Battlefield Mobile game would be coming sometime in 2022. With mobile gaming ramping up over the last few years, this move comes as no surprise.

With popular shooter titles such as COD Mobile, Free Fire, and PUBG dominating an ever-growing market, it's easy to understand why developers are increasingly pushing to gain a foothold in the mobile sector.

According to data, the mobile gaming industry is one of the fastest-growing in the world. Its revenue was expected to hit $76.7 billion worldwide at the end of 2020 and will only keep growing as time progresses.

Developers are not going to shy away from this opportunity after games like PUBG Mobile managed to rake in over $643 million in the third quarter of 2020.

Oskar Gabrielsonvia talks about Battlefield Mobile

In a recent blog post, Oskar revealed that they (the developers) had spent years prototyping a new IP for the mobile sector. He said:

"It’s always been our vision to bring Battlefield to more platforms. So, after years of prototyping, I’m super happy to be able to let you know that our friends at Industrial Toys, working closely with all of us here at DICE, are developing a completely new Battlefield Mobile game bringing all-out warfare to smartphones and tablets in 2022."

While Oskar does mention the words "completely new," there is no further information as to what that may entail.

Going by the last two titles that were released for PC/Console, those being Battlefield 1 (2016) and Battlefield V (2018), set during The Great War (WW1) and WW2, respectively, it seems very probable that Battlefield Mobile could be set in either one of these timelines.

This could perhaps work to the developers' advantage, as currently, the most popular/mainstream battle royale mobile games focus primarily on the modern era. And they are based more so on fiction than historical accuracy.

Oskar went on to talk about Battlefield Mobile being a standalone title, he said:

"Make no mistake; this is a standalone game. A completely different game from the one we’re making for console and PC, designed specifically for the mobile platform. It’s being built from the ground up by iToys to make Battlefield-on-the-go a reality, and you can expect a fully-fledged, skill-based experience. This mobile game is now entering a testing period ahead of launching next year, so expect more details to come."

Battlefield Mobile will be a "standalone game," which means that crossplay will not be a viable option, much like COD Mobile and the more recently announced Apex Legends Mobile.

With more gaming giants entering the playground, it's left to be seen how this affects market share among the already established mobile battle royale games that are dominating at present.

In addition to the new Battlefield Mobile, Oskar Gabrielsonvia also confirmed that a new Battlefield for PC and Next-gen consoles is also in the works, with daily playtesting being done to smooth out the rough edges. The title would be the most ambitious Battlefield game yet.

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