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Ex-YouTuber Leafy called out for issuing death threats on live stream

Image Credits: The Daily Dot
Image Credits: The Daily Dot
Rishabh B.
Modified 08 Sep 2020, 17:37 IST

It would be fair to say that Leafy has had some troubling times of late. Within a month, the YouTuber has become a Twitch streamer, after his recent termination. The suspension came within hours of Leafy posting his final video on Pokimane, which was his 12th overall. Leafy was accused of posting content which was designed to ‘harass, bully, or threaten’.

For this reason alone, much of the internet blamed Pokimane and her fans. The same kind of accusations have been levied by Pokimane’s fans against Leafy multiple times in the past. This led to the internet being convinced that Pokimane’s fans had something to do with the ban, irrespective of her distancing herself from the controversy.

Leafy recently got terminated from YouTube.
Leafy recently got terminated from YouTube.

Since then, of course, Leafy has become a Twitch streamer for the time being. This means that both Pokimane and Leafy will soon be functional on the same platform, upon the former’s return. Leafy has now taken things a couple of steps further, and was caught talking about wanting to ‘hire’ people to perform murders, or so it seemed.

Watch: Leafy issues death threats to people

As crazy as it sounds, Leafy can be heard fantasizing about being a character from the extremely popular ‘anime’, Death Note. In a conversation with Keemstar, he says that he will ‘literally start hiring people’ and does not mind taking four months of his life being a character from ‘Death Note’. Of course, Keemstar tries to talk him down and asks him to ‘wait for the community’.

This is days after Leafy himself admitted that his videos in the past have been a bit too ‘harsh’ in nature. Further, it was not the only time when he was caught threatening others. In a past stream, he has encouraged the ‘streamers watching him’ to ‘take out’ fellow content creator, Hasan Piker.

Leafy was watching his videos during one of his streams, and said that he could not ‘take him out’ because there is no ‘crossover’. However, he went on to say that if there is anybody who can do the job for him, he will be willing to ‘contract’ the person. Of course, while it cannot be said for sure what he meant, the entire ordeal seems very pointless. You can watch the second clip below.

Published 08 Sep 2020, 17:37 IST
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