Fact check: Does Modern Warfare 2 allow players to slide cancel?

No slide cancelling in Modern Warfare 2 (image via Activision)
No slide cancelling in Modern Warfare 2 (image via Activision)

This year's Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 has stirred up a lot of conversation surrounding its movement, especially with the subject of slide canceling.

Slide canceling was a movement exploit first found in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare (2019). Players were able to cancel their full slide animation for quicker movement from the slide to the walk. This would allow for a faster draw to fire as well as for engaging and disengaging from combat.

It has become such a staple for the franchise that players had expected it to return in this year's Modern Warfare 2. Fortunately for Call of Duty veterans, slide cancel has been removed from the game and Infinity Ward has shown no signs of allowing them into the new title.


Players had earlier experienced the removal of slide cancel during the beta for Modern Warfare 2 but kept trying to find hacks.

Since its official launch, though, no slide cancel exploits have been found.

Modern Warfare 2 does not allow slide cancel

With Modern Warfare (2019) many players learned to slide cancel as it became an essential part of the movement. Primarily, streamers and other content creators kicked-off their careers using the ability for fast and twitchy movements.

This carried over to Warzone as well with its frantic playstyle and reliance on aggressive movement mechanics. Fans expected this to return further down the franchise but were surprised upon noticing that there was no slide cancel available in the beta test for Modern Warfare 2.

People in the community soon tried to figure out tricks and methods for a slide cancel, using various settings and abilities across PCs and consoles.

Upon full release of the game, though, there is no viable method of slide cancel as of yet. Infinity Ward has made it certain that they do not want to support such exploits and are reverting to the old Call of Duty movements.


Players have since figured out methods that are not as potent as replacements for slide cancel, but somewhat resemble the twitchy movement with walls being used to stop the slide animation followed by a quick turn towards the desired direction of view.

This will not, however, suit the playstyle of players who are here since the 2019 edition of Modern Warfare and have struggled adapting to the more tactical playstyle required.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 still has plenty of work movement for fast moment-to-moment gameplay. Sliding is one of the core mechanics of the game along with sprinting, ledge grabbing and dolphin dives.

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