Fact Check: Does WWE 2K23 have crossplay?

Fact Check: Does WWE 2K23 have crossplay? (Image via 2K Sports)
Fact Check: Does WWE 2K23 have crossplay? (Image via 2K Sports)

WWE 2K23 is a wrestling sports series released annually by 2K Sports. It comes out on various consoles and platforms that feature online facilities and online and offline multiplayer. Since it is coming out on many platforms, people wonder if the game supports crossplay.

The answer to that question is, sadly, no. The game does not feature any form of crossplay, but it does feature cross-platform progression.

What is crossplay, and why does WWE 2K23 might not support it?

Crossplay is a feature that allows people on different platforms to play with each other. For example, if a game supports crossplay, then someone owning a PlayStation 4 can team up and play with someone who owns the game on an Xbox.

Essentially, anyone will be able to play online multiplayer with anyone regardless of what platform they are on. Crossplay is a highly desired feature for any game that supports online multiplayer, but unfortunately, its implementation faces several difficulties.

This raises the question of why WWE 2K23 and several other games lack this feature.

Reason number one could be the vast technological differences between PCs and consoles. Game developers often need to make various changes to ensure the game runs smoothly on different platforms, resulting in significant differences in programming and design. These differences may make it challenging to implement crossplay functionality, making it impossible to play the game seamlessly across different platforms.

The unfair advantage of mouse and keyboard players over controller users is one reason competitive games shy away from crossplay. There have been times when many have tried to implement crossplay between these types of users, and the results have always been dishearteningly the same. Of course, this is likely not the primary reason for the lack of crossplay in WWE 2K23.

Companies like Sony, Microsoft, and others tend not to desire crossplay for technical or business reasons, and that is why even when games can support crossplay, they end up not getting permission for it.

These are the only general reasons why games tend to lack this feature. Without an official comment from the company, fans will never know why WWE 2K23 does not have crossplay. Since previous iterations have also lacked such functionalities, it might be safe to consider that this year’s title will remain without it.

WWE 2K23 does support cross-platform progression


This is a slightly different feature where players can carry over their saved files and progress to other platforms. Players can transfer their saves from last-gen to next-gen platforms from PC to Xbox or vice versa.

Cross-platform progression can only take place within console families. Players cannot carry over their Xbox saves to PlayStation or vice versa. This feature does not transfer DLC packs and items.

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